10 Google URLs that you should definitely be aware of

Does Google keep a track of all the places you have visited in the last year or so? What should you do if you cannot remember your administrator password for all the Google Apps that you use? What things interest you, as determined by Google based on your search results? How can you know which ads you have clicked while using Google? Let us now look at some of the vital URLs that you can use to get the answers of all these questions. Read on to find out more.

A list of passwords and usernames are stored by Google. This list mainly includes all the passwords and usernames that you have entered while using Android or Google Chrome for the purpose of logging on to different websites. You can check all these passwords by going to this URL.

You have a Google profile, which is created on the basis of your social media account details, and the types of websites you visit. You can use this URL to know how this profile looks like, and exactly what you are in the eyes of Google.

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You have the ability to export all your vital data out from the world of Google. You can download all contacts, photos, videos and messages. Go to this URL and download all your data from the links provided on this page.

You have the right to file a DMCA complaint with Google, if you find any one of your content being used on a different website that makes use of various Google products like AdSense, Google+, Blogger and Youtube. The complaint can be filed against such sites if you want to remove your content from these pages. A complaint can also lead to a website being removed from Google Search Results.

Usually, all the Android devices that you use, report your current location back to servers on Google. You can check your exact location, or the exact location of your device while going to Google Maps, or this URL. You can check your entire history, and download the information as KML files, to view them later on Google Earth.

Using this URL, you can create a google account with your already existing email ID. You have the freedom to use any email address you want, without having to sign up for a new Gmail account.

This URL can be used to find out about all the search terms you have entered on either Google, or any other apps, such as Maps or Youtube. This is perfect for retracing your steps.

This URL is basically sued to setup your primary Gmail account as a security contact for all your secondary email accounts. This will help you to recover all your apps.

Use this URL to keep track of your account activity if you think someone knows or has guessed what your password is, and is logging into your account without your knowledge.

Using this URL, you can yourself decide which apps can make use of your Google data. You can set the permission levels based on your privacy concerns.

So Guys, I think this post will be really helpful for you all to control your various Google accounts.

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