7 Things You Should Never Search On Your Work Computer

With the internet being a part and parcel of our lives now, it is a matter known to all how everyone has their own share of weird Internet Search Habits. What most people tend to forget maximum times is to keep those searches away from their work computers! What are personal computers there for?

Management expert, Andrew Wittman, says “Any personal data or behaviour done on any work device can and is collected by your employer. Be mindful of every search, click and email sent as well as any personal data or behaviour, including searches, shopping, social media, emails and website visited.” So when someone is on their job related computer device their employers hold the access to track almost everything done on it.

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And deleting the history or clearing the browsing data does not solve the problem in anyways.

Therefore, here are the 7 things you should strongly avoid to search on your work computer device:-

  1. Pornographic sites or other inappropriate websitesAlthough this one is obvious and is a no-brainier a lot of people have the tendency to surf through such sites in their workplace. It is time to stop that immediately in order to prevent your own self from getting fired as well as landing in an embarrassing and shameful situation.
  2. Torrent websites, files or stream Doing any of this in a device for work can lead you in a great trouble. Many torrents contain illegal, pirated and copyrighted materials, the use of which can never be allowed in a company’s official network. Downloading or streaming something on such websites will be informed to the manager who might take action against it.
  3. Websites pertaining to side hustle If you are juggling between two jobs at the same time without your employer’s knowledge, please avoid incorporating the both together by searching information or in any way working for the second job in your present work computer. Reports has it that several people have been previously fired for being caught doing the same.
  4. Job search websitesThis is a major thing one should be avoiding. Do not lose your present job while looking for better jobs in other companies or similar competitors even before the latter is finalised. Websites like, or job search on LinkedIn can be saved for use in spare time at home in personal devices.
  5. Highly classified company informationEven when it is about the company you presently work in, there are certain limitations and areas which are confidential and classified and ones that you should be accessing and even the slightest of attempt of exploring a secure area using your work computer will immediately be reported to the IT department.
  6. Dating or relationships websites or searches Looking for a date over a website or leaving history about your love life in a work computer’s search can never be a good idea. Moreover, this kind of behaviour of involving personal life with that of professional is highly unacceptable and will be considered extremely unprofessional.
  7. Personal information searches Searching for your next vacation, trip or event might not end up getting you fired but spending too much time on a job device with it will make your manager aware who might not take it in a good light.

So, act before it is late and better be safe than sorry!

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