Accessing Mac or PC machines remotely from Apple devices

Our busy lives and fast changing schedules prohibits us from carrying our computer wherever we go. This is the very reason why portable mobile devices have gained so much popularity. All the necessary functions that computers perform can easily be done from these mobile devices, and with 4 to 10 inch devices, life has become extremely easy for all. Desktop applications of remote nature are always there to help you out, because they allow you access to important data and files from your iPad or iPhone on to your computer. No amount of setup is involved in this, and you will be relieved from all the stress of work related issues that you need to take care of for a client meeting, or when you need to access someone else’s machine remotely to fix any errors.

In certain situations, these PC related issues can be dealt with by simply uploading certain files to the cloud account well in advance, but this uploading will not prove to be much helpful if you ultimately need to remote access a PC or Mac. That being said, we will now be looking at certain ways by which you can quite easily remote access your PC or Mac from your iPad and iPhone. It may be for personal use, or for professional.



If we are talking about the efficiency of free services, then TeamViewer is truly a wonderful solution for fulfilling all your remote personal desktop needs. Businesses are usually charged for the service offered on TeamViewer, but personal users can use it for free without any hidden costs. The application is truly fast when setting it up than all the other programs. You need to go to, choose the DOWNLOAD option, and download the application based on your choice of operating system. Image Credit:

The application works on OS platforms like Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, Redhat and Debian.After downloading the program, you can set it up from the setup wizard and create your own unique User ID for using the program.

You can also download the app from App Store and can access your Mac PC from your iPhone or iPad.




This great remote desktop application was designed by Citrix, is build exclusively for IT professionals who make a living out of accessing co-worker and client computers remotely. If you are at home, or are traveling somewhere, the application functions absolutely perfectly on any iPad or iPhone. The user will have to pay either a monthly or an annual subscription fee, but they will have the option of registering for a trial period of 30 days before the final monthly or annual subscription. Image Credit:




You need to remember that this application works in a similar way like the GoToAssist application, but this application is only for personal use. The main function to remotely access your desktop at your home, or your work PC at your office.  This application cannot be used to remotely access a family member’s or a friend’s machine, as the application is exclusively for personal files and documents. The service, however, is not free of charge, but the monthly charges are quite lower than the charges asked for by GoToAssist. Image Credit:

All I can say that using these above mentioned apps you can easily access your Mac or PC remotely from your iPad or iPhones.

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