Best Android Apps To Quit Drinking

Mobile applications have now become a virtual support for users. If you’ve heard of the phrase, …there is an app for that”, it is true as there is indeed an app for almost everything a consumer would want. Alcoholism apps are not new as they too help in supporting users in a better way. While they are never a substitute for treatment, mobile applications help addicts to be accessible to information almost anywhere at any time.

Therefore, here is a list of few android based mobile apps that help people achieve sobriety in the best possible way.



AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

AlcodroidThe application available exclusively on Android is an impressive app as it helps in calculating the Blood Alcohol Content. The app tracks the consumption limit and finds out whether you are misusing alcohol. Along with a money calculator, the application lets you analyse the progress by providing your alcohol consumption in a daily chart basis. This helps people to realise how close they are from their goal of sobriety. The only drawback of the application is the non availability of motivational thoughts and videos.

The app is available in Google Play Store for free and can also be purchased for $2.99 for an ad free version.Image Credit: Google Play Store.


Twenty Four Hours A Day

Twenty Four Hours A DayThe book with the same name is quite popular and was a best seller amongst alcoholics by selling 10 million copies. Based on the book, the app has around 366 meditations from the book which are easily accessible. It also provides videos and texts of recovery experts to motivate users to achieve the goal of sobriety.  To receive a message, one has to either press the Today button or shake the mobile. Image Credit: Google Play Store.

The app is available on Google Play Store for $5.99.


nomo-Sobriety Clocks

nomo-Sobriety ClocksThe app was designed by Parker Stech to help himself to recover from alcohol addiction. The user can set as many sobriety clocks to track and keeping him motivated. Not just that, the app also connects you to accountability partner with whom you can share information. Moreover, you can earn chips on reaching recovery milestones. The app also calculates the money saved by the user and provides detailed breakdown of the progress.

In case, the user does not want to share the information provided on the nomo app, the user can set a pin. Moreover, the app also provides mini-distraction exercises to help you refocus on your goal.Image Credit: Google Play Store.

The application is available on Google Play Store for free.


Sober Grid

Sober Grid width=Finding people with the same problem can be comforting. It helps to build new connections which further helps in recovery. “Sober Grid” helps the user to connect with people trying to achieve sobriety, either near the user or around the world. The user can share and chat with other users and share their experiences or any vital information. Moreover, the user can stay anonymous and share the information the way he or she would like.Image Credit: Google Play Store.

The app is available in Google Play Store for free.


12 Steps AA Companion

12 Steps AA CompanionThe application, as the name suggests is based on the Twelve Step program from the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Each step is considered to be part of the recovery and healing process. By using the app, the user will have the Big Book of AA at his fingertips. The user can read prayers, promised and even highlight a part and share it. It also comes with a sobriety calculator to show you the hours, days, weeks and year you have been sober.Image Credit: Google Play Store.

The application is available in Google Play Store for $1.99.


Quit Drinking – Andrew Johnson

Quit Drinking-Andrew JohnsonThe app, by Andrew Johnson is for those who are heavily into drinking and want to quit completely or cut back. By using hypnotherapy, visualisation and positive thoughts, the application helps the user to achieve the goal of sobriety. The user can set reminders for times when the user wants to feel relaxed.Image Credit: Google Play Store.

The application is available on Google Play Store for $2.99.


Daybreak-Drink Less

Quit Drinking-Andrew JohnsonThe aim of the application, Daybreak is to provide a supportive community for people who want to quit alcohol altogether or want to cut back. The community also involves well-being and health coaches to help the user in the best possible way. Moreover, the application also lets you track the progress with weekly check-ins and also notify in case you would need check-ins.Image Credit: Google Play Store.

The application is available in Google Play Store for free.

Any application that let people to overcome addiction of alcohol is useful. However, it is on the person to decide which would work best according to his needs. Moreover, some of the applications also provide customised programs on the basis of the needs of the customers. Therefore, through research is necessary.

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