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When Gmail was launched 11 years ago by Google, the mailing service provided 40 times more free space for storage than all others competitors in the web mail market. The mailing service did not even come with a delete button as no one needed to delete any mails due to more than 1 gigabyte of storage space. This same technique has been used with the Google Photos program, but in a much advanced way.

Once Google Photos was launched, people started dumping all their photos to the program quite happily. The service was originally aimed at using for backing up all photos online, but now it has become the perfect destination for browsing all your photos and all your memories. The files do not occupy any physical space on any device, but is always available at the user’s disposal on any device.


Some tips and tricks pertaining to Google Photos

  • The Google Photos program is basically a one way client, and it will not be able to sync your photographs on various computers, laptops and other handheld devices, unlike Dropbox. But you will be able to download all the photos on Google Photos using Google Takeout, but on a different computer.
  • While you are in Google Drive, you can go the settings menu and activate the “Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive” option. You will be able to see all the photographs that you have uploaded, and you will also have the capacity to sync all the files in your Google Photos account with any folder on Google Drive.
  • There are no APIs available for Google Photos, but if it is your wish, then you can quite easily access Google Photos using the Picasa Web API. The process will be much more swift and simple.
  • The Google Photos application is not in any way compatible with Chromecast, but you will be able to cast the entire screen of your phone to check all your photos via your TV.
  • Google Photo’s desktop uploader will not be able to upload any images of any screenshots.
  • Gmail is not able to provide users with access to Google Photos, but if you were smart enough to sync your Google Drive with Google photos, that you can attach photos from Google Photos quite easily to any mail.
  • If you visit Youtube and you click the UPLOAD option, you will see a new added feature saying IMPORT FROM GOOGLE PHOTOS. This is a very helpful feature, as media can be uploaded directly to Youtube from Google Photos.

Given below are some essential and vital tips that you should keep in mind so that you make use of Google Photos in a much better way, and enjoy the wonders of virtual storage space. Read on to find out more about this.

Upload all pictures to your Google Photos account

Google Photos provides you with uploaders on your desktop for both Mac OS X and Windows PC platforms. You can drag all your photo folders from your desktop quite easily to, and your photos will be uploaded almost instantly. iPad, iPhone and Android users can quite simply install the Google Photos application and all the photos on their mobile will continuously get backed up on a regular basis.

Organize and arrange all your pictures on Google Photos

Google Photos will be responsible for arranging all the pictures you have uploaded on the basis of date taken and location in an automatic manner. The program will also be able to identify the theme of the photographs with the use of a certain machine algorithm. So, in case you search with the keywords FOOD or DINNER, you can see all the photographs of family dinners that you have uploaded. You can also search with the keyword SELFIE and find all your selfies. The results won’t be perfect, but you’ll get a clear idea about all your backed up photos. Google Photos also comes with the new Facial Recognition feature, but only within the borders of the United States of America.

Duplicate Files will not be uploaded

Google Photos has the capability to detect any and every duplicate files and will not upload them if that same file has been uploaded at a past time. The file name, tag, date and even the source folder can be different, but Google Photos will still find the duplicates and remove these files from the upload list. If you think that Google Photos might make a mistake and delete a rare photo by mistake, then use software like Picasa to ensure that something like this does not happen.

Deleting photos and pictures in Google Photos

You can quite easily delete a photograph from Google Photos, and the deleted file will go straight to trash. The file will remain in the trash for a period of not less than 60 days, after which, it will be removed permanently, allowing you the opportunity to restore it if you ever need to. If you permanently delete any photos from Google Photos, then make sure that you have deleted it from your hard drive or memory card as well, or else Google Photos will re-upload them during a backup session.

Sharing and editing Google Photos

You have the capacity to select one or more than one photos on Google Photos, and hit the share button, following which, the program will create a variety of a semi private photo album with the photos that you have selected. If you want to share your photos via different messaging apps like Whatsapp, Google Photos will allow you to download and send the selected photos, without having to share the album’s link. Google Photos comes with an extensive collection of tools for editing images that allows you to apply some standard edits, such as Instagram-like filters, to all your pictures. The tools are similar to ones available on Google+. Users will also have the capacity to slideshows and GIFs and upload them to Youtube.

Guys I think like Gmail, Google Photos is one of the Great application of Google, so just enjoy every essense of it.

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