A Guide to Enable Facial Recognition on Google Photos

Nowadays, perhaps the most talked about feature found on the new version of Google Photos is a feature known as facial recognition. But this feature is not available for users from all countries around the world. But people can go behind the scenes and have it enabled for their own regions. It is a perfect feature for checking out photos of yourself, your children, your relatives and other friends and family members. There are a few speed bumps in the facial recognition process, but Google would soon release updates to fix all these hiccups.

We will now look at the steps to enable the Facial Recognition feature on Google Photos. Read on to find out more about some tips & tricks of “Google Photos”.

Step 1

You require a reliable VPN for the purpose of enabling a strong connection to the United States, as Facial Recognition is officially available only in the US. You can make use of Tunnelbear for doing this easily. It’s absolutely free of charge, and is perfect for connecting to the US. If you have already subscribed to any other VPN product like PureVPN, then this subscription will also be OK for this purpose.


Step 2

The next step would be wiping all your settings on Google Photos. Follow this easy three step process to do so:

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Google Photos
  • Wait for a bit as it loads all the figures pertaining to data usage
  • Click on the Clear Data option

This will only remove the settings and statistical data of the app. No photos will be deleted from your phone. You can rest assured about that.

Step 3

Connect to your VPN program, and remember to specify a certain endpoint in the United States. Almost all the VPN programs used on the Android platform makes this process really simply and easy to do. We will give you an example of the settings as it needs to be done on TunnelBear. You need to ensure that United States is written at the bottom.

When you see United States written at the botton, you should click on the Connect option, and you are all set to connect to the US VPN servers. It might take some time for the connection to be established properly, and you will have to provide your acknowledgement by clicking on OK. After clicking OK, the connection process can be deemed as complete. It’s so easy.

Step 4

After the VPN is activated, you need to go to your Google Photos app. You need to set up the app once again, and also turn automatic photo backup on. The backup option can be selected later on as well, but it is advisable to do it during first setup so that you don’t forget all about it later on.

Step 5

After the setup wizard, you will enter the main landing screen of Google Photos. This is the very last step. You need to open the navigation menu on the side, click on settings, and enable the Group Similar Faces feature. After doing this, you can check out faces using the search option.

Guys do try this and enjoy the magic.

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