The new Panasonic GH4R to be launched with new and exciting features

The “Panasonic GH4” has been a true hit among videographers and photographers of all genres, yet there has been demand for new added features so as to enhance the performance level for cameras used by both these groups.  Now, Panasonic comes out with the all new GH4R, which is an advanced variant of the GH4 with features like V-Log L video capability and 4K recording, so that users have forge ahead post production options. Users who presently use the GH4 will also be eligible to receive the GH4 update if they make use of a paid software available from Panasonic itself.

Both the GH4 software upgrade and the new GH4R model are considered to be a smart business move, aimed at making cameras from Panasonic much more popular, especially among the amateur camera lovers, who are looking for some good clickers in the market. The original GH4 had the option of shooting a 30 minute 4K video, whereas the all new GH4R comes with options like 4K 3840×2160 pixels at 30 fps and 4096×2160 pixels of video recording, with the duration of the video limited only by the size of the storage capacity of the camera.

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With “V-Log L” video recording options, users will have a field day with all the post production options they will get, along with the ease of adding extra footage from other cameras or recorded videos as well. This option extracts the last ounce of functionality from the ‘Micro Four Thirds’ sensor that the camera comes with, allowing for a higher level of color grading and is surely at par with film digitization standards.

When you hear the words limited dynamic range, it simply means that the shadows in the photos lack proper details, or the highlights are blown out of proportion. But with V-Log L video recording, light values are usually recorded on a logarithmic measurement system, with proper proportionality to the intensity of the light source, which allows the new GH4R to capture a total of 12 stops.

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As per Panasonic’s claims, the new GH4R and its new video recording capabilities makes it at par with all its Varicam models, thereby making it ideal for TV sets, as well as for personal use. So, it is a win win situation for all user groups. With all the new updates and the brand new features, the GH4R with HDMI recording features makes the camera a perfect choice for people with medium budgets. Hence, its quite natural that Panasonic’s sales are bound to go up before the next quarter. Although care must be taken to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes by buying from fraudulent sellers, as many will attempt to pass off cheap knock offs as the genuine model, and you will lose a lot of money.

The price range of the GH4R, as shown at the IFA 2015, will be around USD 1833.00. The software upgrade will cost around USD 99.00. So you can see – even if you have the old GH4 model, it will be much easier for you to go for the software update as it is cheaper.

Guys, I think the newly coming ‘GH4’ is going to create a sensation in the camera market and all the shutterbug lovers will just love it.

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