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Smartphones are usually accompanied by a strong and powerful camera nowadays. We, as amateur photographers, often shoot some of the best photographs of our lives using these cameras. If your phone has a good camera, but it is coupled with an extremely bad camera software, then the situation might be a lot different, and definitely sad for you. The stock camera applications, that are present on your smartphone, may not properly satisfy your wishes, and you may have to bear with neutral and mediocre photographs. You can find several photo editing applications on your application store, such as Google Playstore or Apple iTunes Store. Let us now look at 5 of the best camera applications that you can use. Read on to find out more.

Google Camera for Android

Google Camera AppThis simple application comes with each and every Nexus smartphone. It is an extremely easy application, that you can ever come face to face. The clean and simple user interface is the main reason for its simplicity, as it provides features like Panorama, HDR, Photosphere, etc. The application, if allowed, will also enact the depth of field effect with the help of a mode called Lens Blur. This application is available free of charge. Image Credit:


Camera FV-5 for Android

Camera FV-5This advanced application with professional manual DSLR controls is a wonder on any smartphone. You can control the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, EV stops and metering mode. But you need to possess proper knowledge before you venture into this world of photography. You can check all your settings through a viewfinder preview. You can also use exposure bracketing with this wonderful app, if you suddenly have a wish to create a time-lapse or HDR image. With a TV mode and an AV mode that automatically sets the aperture value and shutter speed, the app has become a household name on the Android smartphone platform.

Free versions are available on app stores, but you can also buy the premium version costs 199 INR ($3.95).Image 


Camera360 Ultimate for Android

Camera360This free camera application with Live Filters is perhaps one of the most popular and oldest camera applications for the Android platform. The application comes with various features and useful filter effects that can be selected by you while you are clicking pictures. Useful effects like HDR, Lomo, Sketch, etc. are there on the app as well. You can also edit selfies on this app with the help of the in-built editor. Image Credit:


Camera+ for iOS

camera+This application, with professional shooting controls, costs around Rs. 190 ($2.99). It is developed solely for the iOS platform, and only captures an image when you are steadily holding the phone with steady hands. There is a mode called the clarity mode on the application, that helps in increasing image saturation. The HDR option is also ready for users, know how to use it.Image Credit:

OneShot for Windows Phone

oneshotThis Windows Phone application is considered to be one of the best. It is available for no charge at all, and comes with filters and advanced shooting controls. You will be able to control the shutter speed and exposure when clicking a picture. Photo effects can go through an undo process as well on this application. Image Credit:


Guys what are you thinking about..!! Go ahead and download one of these apps and capture one of your finest moments.

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