Want to Alleviate Post-quake Trauma? Try the New App

Any natural disaster is capable of bringing psychological trauma to human beings. If not treated in time, the trauma can cause serious issues in future and can land you in mental troubles which will be more difficult to be cured.

Technology and Trauma Treatment

When technology and science is being applied for all sorts of treatments why will it not be used in treating trauma also? Moreover, technology must be implemented when the trauma is the consequence of natural calamities like earthquake. Keeping this in mind an exclusively new psychological health app has been designed for helping quake victims recover quickly from their trauma and also for promoting general wellbeing. The users of this particular app would be granted simple ‘mini missions’ every single day for improving not only mental health but also physical wellness.

The Motto of Trauma Relieving App

While there is almost no magic wands for ensuring healthy mental being and proper physical health, taking just a few easy steps every single day for taking care of ourselves can really help us feel far better. The app works by marking self-care goals and works according to the user’s wish. This revolutionary app which will be working as one of the latest tools for treating trauma is launched in the market by ‘All Right?’ It is actually a public health care campaign in the country of New Zealand for establishing help for the earthquake traumatized people. This app will highly help every traumatized person recover from all kinds of emotional effects of earthquakes. “This specific app will surprisingly vanish all major as well as minor mental effects”, reported The Press. In order to receive utmost results people need to achieve the ‘mini missions’ fast and as they accomplish it, this app will soon reward them with incredibly positive feedbacks. It will also provide them with bead-filled hearts which show the number of goals they actually have reached. The team at ‘All Right?’ wants people, especially the traumatized persons, to get hold of this app as a simple means to improve as well as develop their mental health. We often end up neglecting our mental well-being in our busy and stressful lifestyle.

How the App works?

The ‘mini missions’ were basically associated to the ‘Five Ways to Well-being’ which was ornamented by the New Economics Foundation in England. The trauma subduing app follows a few procedures to cure people and those methods include connecting with people around us, learning new and interesting skills, giving much time to our loved ones, and also observing all the good, attractive and unique things around us and turning ourselves active. Playing childhood games, trying to cook something new, taking photographs of your near ones or loved things, or even going for a refreshing walk can alleviate a person’s level of trauma.

While this app, available at Google Play and Apple App Store, has been working amazingly, for some it is not showing much progress because they are stressed out for either some other issues or lacking insurance claims. Otherwise, this app by ‘All Right?’ is perfectly fit for dealing us with traumas and stresses of our life.

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