1 Passe: Your Ultimate Guide To An Efficient Password Management

Are you fed up so numerous accounts, passwords, and pins? With the 1 Passe, now you have a reason to rejoice! The revolutionary iOS  app (free) is designed exclusively to store all the confidential data at ease. All you need is, to remember just one login password, and you can leave the rest on 1 Passe.

Android users do not get upset because in my earlier post (aWallet – An Awesome Password Manager) I have mentioned about another awesome “Password Manager App (aWallet)

Are You Sceptic About Storing Your Confidential Data?

The dynamic security of military grade 256-bit AES encryption has been exclusively designed to keep your confidential information safe while synchronizing automatically through the iCloud. The built-in password generation tends to generate vigorous random passwords, for every account you use. As a result, now you need to worry no more about losing your valuable data even if you lose your device; the auto-lock feature combined with the self-destroy feature will ensure that your valuable information is in safe hands. Moreover, to add a further level of security, you can maintain the login reports, by enabling the login details (who, where and when) and monitoring them closely.

User-friendly Built-In Browser, For Easy Accessing:

The 1 Passe, operates with a built-in browser; one can browse the internet and log in automatically with the 1 Passe data, making it easier to shop and pay bills with one tapping. There are numerous templates available, for storing as well as editing your valuable information, such as login details, bank details, passport, and cards. Choose any DIY template that comes with DIY icon, or simply download the icon from the web and customize it accordingly to suit your taste and style.


1 Passe - An Awesome Password Manager App which gives relief from the pain of remembering passwords to all the iPhone & iPad Users
1 Passe – An Awesome Password Manager App which gives relief to all the iPhone & iPad Users

High-End Features for A Dynamic Search:

The high-end dynamic search feature makes sure you find your valuable data within a blink. Copy-paste your data, easily and lock it with the most secured pattern that lends you the peace of mind. You can also opt for the built-in camera or voice recording feature, to avoid the hassles of typing.

Built-In Help and Support Service To Ensure Smooth Operation!

The built-in quick help, feedback option in the 1 Passe, allows an individual to get their questions answered almost readily, without any hazards of emailing! So, share your feedback or get your quarries addressed right away.

Exclusive Features for the All New 3.0 Version:

The new version of the 1 Passe app, requires iOS 8 in order to access the following features:

  1. The Touch ID to Unlock feature
  2. Fast filling of information, within Safari

In addition to the above-mentioned features, there are a lot more dynamic features to be unleashed by all the iPhone or iPad users. Grab it today, replace your lengthy, hazardous passwords with a comfortable gentle touch!

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