10 Best Insurance Apps: To Simplify Your Life

In this modern world, people are always conscious about their health and wealth. They take care of every possible way through which they can protect themselves from any kind of loss. In order to gain financial protection, they take the help of insurance. Insurance is a financial security that an individual can avail from any loss and assessed based on risk factors. Entities need to pay a premium for this protection and in return, they are compensated by the insurer.
People today want everything to be accessed by them just with a click on their laptop or smartphone. Catering to their needs, every industry has developed software or applications that can be accessed easily through several devices. The insurance companies are also not far behind in this race. There are several leading insurance companies that have launched their mobile applications, for individuals to gain access to it and to get all insurance-related benefits at their disposal.
Here is the list of 10Best Insurance Mobile Apps that you can avail of to gain exclusive benefits.

Liberty Mutual Mobile
Liberty Mutual Mobile app is a great platform for enjoying an inclusive digital entryway to your insurance policy. One of The Best Insurance Mobile Apps is designed keeping in mind the security of the policy-holder. You can easily log in to the app through a fingerprint or facial recognition system. It helps you to easily manage your policy from anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of the app
• Enables you to pay your bill with credit/debit cards and manage automatic payments.
• Covering your auto policy, it insures your vehicles and drivers, alike, and also enable you to update mortgage lender, home improvement, and coverage of your home policy.
• There are many options available to you, which assures that you can learn about your current auto and property insurance coverage.
• The app allows you to electronically sign valid and important documents.
• Through the help of this app, the insurance companies are always available for your help, when you need it.
• In the case of roadside assistance, you can tap into the app to call for an emergency.
• You can file and manage your claims, and contact your claims adjustor through this app.
• You don’t need to visit your insurance company physically, you can click and upload pictures of the damage or use the guided photo-taking experience to repair your estimate quickly.
• You can also search for auto repair shops and request a rental vehicle.
• For your auto insurance, you can get repair estimates, track your vehicle repairs, and check on the payment status as well.

Farmers Insurance Inc.
Farmers Insurance is a well-known insurance company, having an app with the same name. It is the fifth-largest home insurer and seventh-largest auto insurer. Being One of The Best Insurance Mobile AppsCovering an array of insurance products, this insurance helps in viewing bills, making payments, reporting claims, and even getting quotes.

Benefits of the app
• It enables you to review your bills, make payments, and manage several payment methods.
• You can access ID cards for your auto and home policies.
• With the help of this app, you can view policy documents for your farmer’s coverage.
• You can start a claim and track its status through your phone.
• This app enables you to request roadside assistance for various help like towing, changing a tire, and other services.
• It also ensures that you find the contact information for your agent.

Allstate Mobile
Allstate Mobile is an insurance application that 2promises to provide you the access to safe driving tools, 24/7 roadside assistance, insurance ID cards, and many more. It enables you to view your insurance policy where you need it and when you need it.

Benefits of this app
• This app has a great feature known as Drivewise. It gives you an insight into how you drive and rewards you for your everyday safe driving.
• It ensures that you can access a digital proof of your insurance, right on your phone.
• It enables you to make a payment, review your policy bill and payment history.
• With the Digital Locker feature of this app, you can create a record of your personal property to make you file your claim easily.
• Through the help of the QuickFoto Claim of this app, you can use your phone to take and upload photos of the damage, following an accident.
• The app also allows you to instantly contact your agent through the app.

Being an international health insurance company, Cigna is extremely popular, and taking its popularity and reliability to the next level, it has launched its mobile application-myCigna. With the help of this app, the customers can access the health information and the ability to personalize and organize every information, through your phone. There are several insurance plans including- medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral, accident, or disability.

Benefits of this app
• It enables you to personalize and organize your important health information while being on the go.
• It enables you to access and view health fund balances and enables you to review plan maximums.
• With the help of this app, you can easily print, email, fax, or scan the ID cards of your entire family right from your mobile phone.
• It is a great platform for individuals to gain access to the health care professional directories.
• It enables you to search, view, bookmark, and group claims.
• Through this app, you can look for hundreds of common medical procedures and compare the costs of several doctors and facilities that they can avail to.

American Family Insurance App
The American Family Insurance App makes it convenient for the policy-holders to protect your dreams. The App is named MyAmFam app includes services ranging from roadside assistance to real-time payment status. This app has brought about several benefits for the individuals and has emerged as a single-stop destination for covering home, care, and family insurance policies.

Benefits of this app
• It is secured and can be accessed through fingerprint authentication.
• It ensures that the holder can access proof of insurance within minutes.
• Provides in-app payment reminders.
• Enables the users to schedule payments and view the upcoming payment schedule.
• Through this app, you can easily view coverage details.
• It also allows the individual to request a change for their contact information or get in touch with their insurance agent.
• Status of the claim, or getting roadside assistance also comes handy with this app.

Nationwide Mobile
This is yet another insurance app that provides you with exclusive benefits and enables you to enjoy great services through your phone. Covering a wide range of insurance facilities, it is extremely popular for its wonderful and quick services.

Benefits of this app
• It manages your preferences for communications and delivery.
• It provides you an Accident Checklist- the steps that you should consider if you are in an accident.
• It enables the users to view, share, or save the auto insurance card.
• Through this app, you can also get the liberty to file an auto or property claim.
• You can call for roadside assistance through this app.
• Getting an auto, renters, or homeowners’ insurance quote has never been so easy as is made by this app.

State Farm®
A platform through which a policy-holder can manage their insurance and banking accounts, State Farm® mobile app is there to help to reduce the complexities of the insurance industry. It has developed as a flawless platform packed with super-easy and beneficial features.

Benefits of this app
• Through the help of this app, you can quickly pay your insurance bill.
• It ensures the users to view the insurance policies and coverage details alike.
• It helps you to find a vehicle, property, or vehicle glass claim and track the status of your claim.
• In the case of roadside assistance with tire changes, dead battering, or more, you can call for help through this app.
• The app has made banking transactions simple and easy.
• Transfer funds between State Farm® Bank account and view the account balance and history through this app.
• Through the help of this app, you can experience personalized reminders and notifications whenever you log in.

Esurance Mobile
Ensurance Mobile
is yet another insurance app, which is creating a huge buzz in the market with its distinctive features and quality assistance. It is updated with an intuitive design to provide the user with a friendly and customized experience.

Benefits of this app
• It has emerged as a simple app with safe, secure, and user-friendly navigation.
• The app has recently introduced a new set of pages – policy info pages.
• With the help of this app, you can call for roadside or accident assistance with just a few taps.
• Brilliant customization and notification features are in-built within the app.
• It enables you to log in to the policy and even helps you to pay your bill.
• You can update your contact information and can change the policy payment method through this app.
• The app provides you with the liberty to track down and search for anyplace, from gas station to local cupcake stores.

GEICO Mobile – Car Insurance

The GEICO Mobile app is convenient, user-friendly, and is super easy to use. It enables you to get a quote, avail for assistance, or claim your policies, with just a few taps on your mobile app. With its power-packed features, this app ensures that its users are extremely happy with the characteristics.

Benefits of this app
• It is a great app that comes up with digital ID cards for the policyholders, which are easy to access through your phone.
• You can make easy payments through this app and be assured of the confidentiality of your payment method.
• It provides you with unrivaled roadside assistance and also helps you to grab the facility of virtual assistance.
• With its augmented reality feature, the app customized the place that you would like to see.
• Understanding the value of the vehicle for the owners, the app easy to get a car serviced and even helps in getting notified about recall alerts and maintenance reminders.

Pact | Car Insurance

Car insurance is important for every vehicle owner and it makes their life easier. Through its app, Pact aims to simplify the car insurance intricacies and want to bring extensive features within the palm of the users.
It is the first of its kind fully-digitalized instant car insurance provider. It ensures that the users can get the insurance policy on their phones within 90 seconds.

Benefits of this app:
• Instant policy changes are one of the significant benefits of the Pact app.
• It also provides digital insurance cards and contracts.
• It enables 24*7 claims reporting service and helps the users to claim payments as soon as the next day.
• It provides the on-demand comprehensive roadside assistance.
• The app is always ready to answer user’s queries or solve their problem with their in-app communication services, which include chat in-app, text, and call options.

With so many features intact, these apps have emerged as the best-in-class for its users. These top 10 insurance apps are uniquely designed and developed to meet the digital and real-time assistance requirements of the individuals and are successfully fulfilling its purpose.
So, if you are on a lookout for a reliable insurance company, check this list and select a platform according to your preference.

So Guys, I think I have tried to summarize some of the few important insurance apps which I think would be good to use in day-to-day life!

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