10 Email Habits That Might Be Disliked By Everyone

In today’s day our professional and to some extent even personal lives cannot be imagined without the usage of email. It has become a part and parcel of life and a tool for global communication designed especially for one on one or smaller group discussions. But there remain few mistakes that we commit unknowingly which ends up being a subject of disappointment to other people. Let’s have a look at few bad Email habits that are going wrong and immediately bring an end to the same-

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The ‘urgent’ emails that are not urgent.

Sending random frequent emails with the ‘urgent option may actually take away the attention from mails that are truly urgent mostly like Rosemary Haefnar, chief human-resources officer for CareerBuilder, puts it for Business Insider by using the reference “Like the boy who for wolf, if you abuse the urgent marker, it won’t be long until no one will pay any attention to it”

Unnecessary usage of CC’ing without approval.

CC’ing people unnecessarily without their consent and sharing information that is not yours and information that one cannot process in any way is both irksome and confusing. Sharing personal information or conversation with people who are not supposed to be involved is surely not open to assumption.

BCC’ing without cause.

Unless the reason behind is too much a necessity, the usage of BCC’ing is not really appreciated. BCC’ing questions confidentiality and conveys mistrust and concealment leaving the recipients with a sense of doubt and curiosity.

Improper Subject Line.

Inappropriate and vague subject lines marked with abbreviations and unclear mentions are surely not much entertained. Adding “Hey” “FYI” “Hi it’s me” as respective subjects of your emails fails to give out the actual idea of what the email is about and hence might not receive the attention of the recipient. A professional email subject should be concrete and concise providing the perfect briefing of the topic in the minimum format possible.

Usage of Capitalised Letters.

The idea of using capital letters for the appearance of an email to be more urgent is a myth. Rather than urgent, the Capitalised Letters end up appearing to be more aggressive, intrusive and gives the idea of the tone of the sender to be almost like screaming out certainly giving off a very terrible impression to the recipient.

Adding a lot of Typos.

Sending mails which are unmethodical and untidy with a lot of typographical errors surely never looks proper. Although not every email needs to be perfection and one or two typos here and there is acceptable but multiple mistakes and errors and numerous typos is always bothering, hasty and unprofessional.

The “Reply to All” Option.

While replying back to an email which is CC’ed or sent out to a group, using the “Reply to all” option unless truly necessary for everyone to receive will end up reaching everyone else’s inboxes and given that not all of them are the ones concerned it might be a matter of annoyance.

Odd Timings.

Sending out emails at odd hours like 3 AM or similar comes off as a bit unprofessional as well as it might cause disappointment to some people for being involved in such unusual hours other than the normal working hours.

Sending Personal Mails.

Bombarding people with emails related to stories, news, jokes, quotes, random messages on a daily basis might end up being a great cause of exasperation to them and they may end up using auto-deletion ultimately even ignoring content which are truly important.

Being casual

Being extremely casual in general while sending emails to everyone by not noticing the tone for reflecting relationship from person to person might not be a good idea. Usage of SMS language, acronyms, emoticons, coloured texts, styled fonts, exclamation marks may many a time become much informal and unprofessional.

So, guys I think in today’s corporate world email is like a bullet in the gun. We have to be always be very careful while sending email, because once triggered it might cause destruction.

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