15 Reasons Why Facebook Messenger Is Cooler Than You Think

It seems just like yesterday when Facebook decided to make Messenger independent from itself and “Messenger” had to be used as a standalone option for sending messages which pretty much disappointed a lot of users during the then time. But it is a fact that over the years Messenger evolved into being so much more than just a simple messaging option. It went through a lot changes and added on a lot of cool features along the way which although remained unknown to many people. Hence today, let us take a look at why Facebook Messenger goes beyond messaging and opens up various options for us to use.Read on to know more!

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Best way to message

The most important function of the app is messaging itself. Facebook Messenger allows you to send messages to all your friends and relative without any additional cost. Not just that, it also allows you send messages to necessary people or organisation even without having their personal contact details.  Along with the same you can also view the active status, see whether the message has been delivered and viewed or not. It also provides you to view when there other person is typing the response by the three bubble dots and comes with a range of emoticons and stickers which just adds up to the plus factor of the app.

Talk in groups

Facebook Messenger gives you the option of creating group chats and conversing in groups in the easiest possible ways.  All that is needed to be done is creating a group, sending a message and then adding on participants. One can enjoy a permanent group and hold on multiple conversations.  Also, there is always an option for muting the conversation when needed, if there is an influx of a lot of notifications.

Sending and Receiving

The Facebook Messenger also acts as a wonderful source of sending and receiving different files. Be it images, videos, documents, music or others, a simple click on the paperclip button allows you send in attachments from your phone or computer. The maximum file size that can be attached is 25MB, similar to that of Gmail.

Free Calls

Along with the aforementioned texting options, Messenger can also make calls. With Facebook messenger you can make both voice calls and video calls with all your contacts on Facebook. There also remains the option of making these calls into conference by adding on multiple members of groups. No extra cost or payment is required for these calls. It works on the same Wi-Fi connection or data plan. Although for the later, more data is consumed.

The built-in options

Facebook Messenger comes with its own built-in voice recorder and camera. It allows one to send voice recordings and messages instantly. There is also the option of capturing and sending in instant pictures as well as quick instant 15 seconds video. Hold the camera button for 15 seconds and then let go. The video will be played on loop in your end and can be sent or cancelled accordingly.

Send Money

One of the features that a lot of people might be oblivious to is that the Messenger can actually be used for sending money to your family and friends if you are living in the UK or US. There remains a requirement of debit card on both the ends, connected to Messenger, for a transaction to be successful. Click on the blue plus symbol, select Payment, select the amount and you are done. According to Facebook, PIN-based protection is provided in such cases but it is still better to go with rather small transactions rather than something large.

Secret and Encrypted Conversations

Facebook Messenger now allows you to create a separate Secret Conversation for sharing sensitive or personal information. It also provides complete device to device encryption for such conversations. In iOS versions, simply click the new message icon on the top-right corner, select Secret and the person whom you want to talk to. In Android, start a new message, click on the info icon on the top-right corner and select the Secret Conversation option. The message can also be deleted after a certain time of being viewed by selecting the timer icon in the text box and setting the timer as preferred.

Create Spotify playlists

Now everyone can contribute in making your next Spotify playlist! Facebook Messenger itself can make that happen. A new option has been created by Spotify where you can make group playlist by installing a Messenger extension. After the installation just create a new playlist and invite friends to add on their favourite songs. You can also create a group with people who will have the authority to share the same playlist, just click the blue plus icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen, create a playlist and share the link for everyone to access. The group needs to follow the playlist to play it in the Spotify app. As of now, this feature is only available for Messenger phone apps.

Play Games together

Games are sure an incredible source of fun! But doesn’t the fun fact get even better when you play it all with your friends? Messenger even makes that happen! It comes with its own set of mini-games which are super fun and interesting. The game native comes along with the app and has games of various varieties ranging from arcades like Pac-man to sports like Basketball FRVR to newer ones like Words with Friends and many other such. You can play solo by selecting the Games tab and selecting a game or can compete and challenge your friends by opening a conversation with a friend, clicking the plus icon and selecting Games.

Book a table in your favorite Restaurant

Decide on a hang out plan with your squad over the Facebook Messenger Group and then book required table in the same chat by using the OpenTable app. Click on the blue plus symbol on the bottom-left of the screen and select OpenTable, book a table as per choice and requirement and also share the information with the group.

Make a Holiday plan

Making a holiday plan and deciding on the venue, flights, hotels can be really confusing while you are at it alone. It always gets easy when you have your group of folks to suggest and help you out! The KAYAK extension of the Messenger enables you to suggest ideas to groups and use the Travel Planner to create polls of destinations and datelines so that they can vote on it and make the selection easy for you. Information about flights and hotels is also available in KAYAK. Just click on the blue plus icon on the bottom-left corner and select the KAYAK logo.

Share Facebook Messenger Code

Finding someone on Facebook with multiple users having the same name can be a real hassle these days. Messenger provides a solution to this problem by giving each user their own unique Messenger Code. It is the simplest way of finding new contacts and starting new chats. Click on the blue square icon at the bottom of the screen to display a Messenger Code and then click on it to the scan the code. There are available options of taking picture of a code or displaying that of your own. Just pointing your phone’s camera towards the code will make a new chat begin.

Make a Reaction Emoji Face

Everyone is familiar with those cute little reaction emojis over Facebook that is often used in place of a Like these days. Facebook Messenger makes it even more fun by adding the options of reactions, masks and filter over your face while on a video chat. The options appear at the bottom of the screen once a video chat begins and just a click on the Like button brings up various such options.

React in replies

Not only can you give reaction to Facebook posts but even react to messages over Messenger. It now comes with a reaction option with a little emoji that appear right beside the speech bubble that has been typed. Give quick click to open a varied range of reactions and send it as a reply. Also hold the Like button to make it grow and let someone know how much you liked what they said.

Browser Availability

With all these options and features that Facebook Messenger provides as mentioned above, it not only makes the access available by installation of the app but also allows access over web browser. Sign into Messenger.com and you will get the entire Facebook Messenger service in a larger interface.

So,guys continue using Facebook Messenger or start doing if you haven’t already and have fun by getting the best of it!

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