5 Top Headphone Brands That Provide the Best Sound Quality

Each one of these earphone companies offers a wide variety of the products that cover over-ear and in-ear earphones and headphones. For those who are looking for the flexibility along with vast music sound excellence and the bass performance, an in-ear headphone is found to be the best one. Just remain in the mind that the earphones are the one that goes in the ear passage and it causes some kinds of the discomfort when it does not apt for your ear size. The following are the five companies are found to be the top earphone brands. They are.

What is the difference between the earphones and earbuds?

The earphones are the amazing tool to give us awesome feel to listen our favourite tunes with crustal clear sound effects. These kinds of the headphones normally do not properly fit into the ear for some people as the ear canal size will be smaller or bigger and wear this headphone for long period of time will cause the some kinds of the ear issues to many people like ear canal pain and many more. The earbuds are the headphones that have a break outside of the ear canal and it is found to be the best headphone for the person who uses the headphones for longer duration of time like persons who are working in the telecalling jobs. This type of the earbuds headphone do not exhibits any causes to the people when wearing the headphone for longer time.

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About Top headphone brands available in the market

  • BoseWhen you are looking for the best possible craftsmanship and sound quality headphone then this is the best company to go with because this company produces the headphone with their innovative noise cancelling technology. Bose has been making the speaker systems, some of the best models you can find on Audio Reputation and high sound quality robust design headphones for over five decades. These Bose headphones are bulky in weight and are very expensive in terms of its cost.
  • SennheiserThis headphone brand is another top player in the earphone industry and generally these headphones are somewhat priced and the brand is based on the users preference they can buy. There are also some real expensive sennheiser earphones are available as well, so if you are a total audiophile then you will be finding plenty of options to choose from. The advantage of using this headphone is it is build to last, have distinct look, wide dynamic range, sturdy build quality. The disadvantage is that it lack on midrange frequencies and have bulky look.
  • JBLWhen it comes to the earphones, JBL headphones are found to be a fantastic one. While the company is popularly known for its high output speaker systems which are used in the concert venues around the world, JBL headphones puts the same kind of precision into their earphones and headphones. The benefit of these headphones is it is available at affordable price and sturdy designs that lasts for years but the disadvantage is that it provides average sound quality.
  • SonySong has a strong presence in most of the categories of electronics products and they have been developing most standard earphones to provide impeccable quality, these headphones are available in wide frequency range. The con in buying the headphone is that they are very expensive in price.
  • SkullcandyThis headphone provides good quality of sound and are portable one which you can carry anywhere you go. These headphones are available in variety of eye catching designs; moreover this headphone can be purchased at affordable price.


Many other kinds of the headphones and earbuds are available in the market where you can choose the headphone based on your budget and need. For example if you are going to use the headphone while you are going for jogging, walking and exercising then it is advisable to go for the wireless headphones where you will be getting more benefit. But comparing to the wired headphones the wireless earphone provides the less sound quality. If you love to hear the high quality of music then it is best to go with the wired earphones which will provide you the excellent quality of sound.

So Guys,now that you are aware of everything, what are you still thinking of? Time to start purchasing the “Headphones”.

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