How 5G is Going To Revamp The Future?

What’s there in 5G?

Are you dreaming about a day when you can download the whole ‘Star Trek’ series within few seconds? Do you wish that- upon boarding, if every train could notify you about the vacant seats, life would have been much easier? Then these scenarios may come alive by 2020thanks to 5G. 5G or fifth generation mobile telecommunications technology seems the future. If we check the graph of how mobile telecommunications technology had been changing over the decades, it shows that – a new network technology has been introduced in every 10 years. While the 2G made the entry in 1991, 3G knocked the socks off- around 2001. The latest 4G technology made waves in 2009 and now the world is gearing up the next best thing i.e. 5G.

The astounding capacity of 5G

It’s estimated that 5G networks will be 66 times speedier than its predecessor. It will be able to hook up 7 trillion smart devices. It has the aptitude which is 1,000 times greater than 4G. And lastly, when it comes to slashing down energy ingestion, 5G can do it more than 90%. It’s believed that 5G technology is associated with a term called ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘IoT’ in short. Now what is IoT? It is the phenomenon that believes in tying up every devices and gadgets that we use in everyday life- with internet. By 5-7 years down the line, your car can help you to find out the vacant parking space and the tag on your missing puppy’s collar will let you know the park-spot where he is hiding.


Image Credit: www.cnet.com
Image Credit:www.cnet.com

Four Benefits of 5G


1.  It will tackle an ageing society better

As the percentage of grey-haired segment is increasing in world population; more and more elder-care facilities are required to take this ‘silver tsunami’ head on. The hospitals and old-age homes that house elderly people who are bed ridden or suffering geriatric health hazards, shall be benefited tremendously from inter-connected devices by 5G.
2.  Education and entertainment needs shall be more fulfilled
As it’s mentioned above that 7 trillion appliances will be connected by 5G, it means that every individual on earth may get access to 1,000 gadgets by 2025. Not only that, in the era of 5G- the streaming time for videos shall decrease and downloading speed will increase drastically. Just imagining the tremendous impact these can have on imparting education and entertainment even in rural areas, can be a pretty mind-boggling experience.
3.  An age of fantabulous smart phones
The penetration and quality of smart phones will shoot up tremendously during the age of 5G. The big-shot manufacturers of smart devices/gadgets like Google, Huawei, and Samsung are rolling up their sleeves to roll out more astounding innovations- as bigger and improved data will be with them.
4.  Better managed roads
The world of 5G might experience autonomous cars on highway but least amount of traffic as the co-ordination among all the cars will be smooth and accurate. The traffic signal will be automated and powerful enough- to monitor the traffic congestion or minor events of breaking of the law.

Chinese giant Huawei is all set to launch the first 5G technology display in Olympics 2018 in Russia.

The entire tech-world is now looking forward to the incident with bated breath, as the success/failure of it may make or break our IoT future.

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