6 of the Best WordPress Social Media Plugins You’re Not Using

When it comes to adaptability, WordPress not only stands out among the list of content management systems (CMS) but also shows others the way forward. The best part, developers all over the world are free to build custom WP plugins of any type to not only add value to this platform but also to achieve any goal there to be achieved. Similarly, WordPress is also popular for its smooth and effortless integration with social media therefore adding great depth to the platform. Plus, there are many good WordPress plugins to enable social media integration and you must be using them for sure.

Here are 6 of the best WordPress social media plugins you may still not be using –

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Feed Them Social

“Feed Them Social” is really a wonderful WordPress plugin that comes handy in publishing persona social feed on the website. It is developed to let one host a user’s social feed on their website and you can also use it to display the feeds of anyone you deem fit. This plugin stands out purely for the reason that it brings the benefit of an active social feed sans any effort. So, even if you don’t create any content this plugin can still help host a social feed on your site and share value with your target readers.

Revive Old Post

“Revive Old Post” is quite a utility WordPress plugin for those who aim to repurpose their old materials and get some value out of the things lying unused. This plugin can not only automatically pull your old website content and also share in across social channels. By using it, value can be achieved with even that content that has been sitting in some corner of the site waiting to see the light of the day. More so, it also allows setting up of custom schedules, including links back to the site and intervals for sharing.

Easy Social Metrics Pro

As the name itself suggests, “ Easy Social Metrics Pro is a WordPress plugin that brings a robust platform for tracking and analyzing the performance of your posts. It can generate performance reports in automatic manner by using the parameters you set. And the best part, it is developed to monitor some of the topmost social networks around. With such amazing features to boot, it’s natural for this tool to cost something and it does but only nominally. But yes, it gives you the freedom to measure the success of your ad campaigns across social media.  

Instagram Feed

There are only a few plugins to get some leverage with the ever-growing Instagram and when you find one you should make the most of it. Why not consider Instagram Feed” – a top WordPress plugin that helps you showcase Insta photos on your site from any public account. You don’t even have to have an account on Instagram to benefit from this plugin and you can also set up photo rotations and customize their dimensions to match with your site’s layout. You should go for this plugin if visual feast is your target.  

Better Click to Tweet

Twitter is a popular platform and brands use it a lot to generate hype around them and achieve their marketing goals. A lot of small companies also look for ways to generate buzz on Twitter without spending much. So, they can use Better Click To Tweet plugin and make users share their content via Twitter in a hassle-free manner. You can also highlight snippets, custom messages and quotes in the content body and give users value for click. By using the plugin, you can get your message quickly shared on Twitter without much fuss.  

Social Locker

Social Locker is quite a handy plugin in cases where someone wants to gate their content behind social paywalls. Using this plugin, it’s possible to restrict access to any blogs or posts until view does click LIKE, SHARE, TWEET etc. It can help a lot in boosting the value of your social sharing buttons and therefore drive marketing results as well. You can always take help of a top web designing company and ask it to integrate one of these plugins to boost your site’s reach. 

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