7 Underrated Apps That Your Mac Must Flaunt

Having a Mac book at your disposal is no longer a choice but a necessity.  From oozing out the coolness factor of gen-Y to being a life-saver when it comes to performance- Mac is many things rolled into one. If you are a proud owner of Mac, then it’s given that- you will keep downloading trendy apps on it. Some of them are- Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and so on. But there is a bunch of underrated apps in the market, which are slowing becoming popular among apps-addicts. The best part? They are all well-suited for new Mac OS- Yosemite.


NoSleep App

You are planning to download the latest season of ‘Game of Thrones’ all at once but you need to take a good night’s sleep also. Thinking about shutting the lid but fearing the download process might be hampered? Then don’t fret as- “NoSleep” app will keep your Mac awake, even if the lid is locked.Image Credit:


Caffeine App

Coffee keeps us awake throughout the night. The app “Caffeine” does the same for your Mac. Download it on the screen and tap the icon in the menu bar. Your Mac will never go on the sleeping-mode on its own. Sometimes, the Mac darkens if you are watching a video for too long. Caffeine will prevent that too.Image Credit:


Hidden Me

HiddenMe App

Have you just returned from a trip with camera full of photographs and wish to keep a nice one as your desktop background? But your desktop may be in a messy state due to all those folders and files. You wish to hide them somewhere, but they are also too important to make them go out of sight. In this scenario, the app called Hidden Me can come as a savior that has the capability of concealing all the icons via a single click.Image Credit:


Bartender App

What is the duty of a bartender in a pub? He will present to you the drink that is the need-of-the-moment. This titular app has the same functionality, as it pushes away the not-so-needed-right-now menu item from your sight. It brings a order on the table (read: your Mac) and put the unwanted menu item on a secondary, hidden menu bar.Image Credit:


Site Sucker


Each of us has some favorite sites/blogs that we wish to read in a relaxing mode during our offline and leisure hours. Site Sucker does just that with aplomb. With it, you can download your favorite site with all its PDFs and .jpeg/.jpg images and replicate them on the homely disk for browsing, when there is no internet connection.image Credit:


Air Browser

Air Browser

Like Site Sucker, Air Browser also gives you the unlimited access to your beloved websites all at once. Through Air Browser, you can easily save them on the menu bar and through a single click, will get the way in.Image Credit:




If you are studying film making and need to do presentation in the class on a regular basis, then Handbrake is the ultimate app that will make your procedure easy. Through this, you can convert video from one format to another. If you are making a collage with all your favorite movie clips, then also Handbrake will come handy to haul out snippets from a DVD.Image Credit:


Guys, please do try out these innovative apps today.

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