A Guide To Different Types of Cameras For Photography 2020

Learning about the different categories of cameras available out there will give the buyers required confidence to decide between the best camera models. There is a countless number of cameras, and each comes with their pros & cons. Before moving ahead to buy the best camera in 2020, it is important to learn the different types of cameras for photography, available to you. It would be best if you also learn about the different Tatacliq and Amazon sale today offer camera to grab your desired model at discounted rates.

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Compact Cameras

Digital Camera
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The standard compact cameras are often called point-and-shoot cameras, and it offers no real customizable settings, but are reasonably priced. Since it is compact, it is lightweight and used mainly for point-and-shoot photography. However, with the advancement in technology, compact cameras are significantly upgraded with the latest features and functions to make photography easier and simpler.

  • Zoom Compacts – The zoom compact cameras come with better zooming ability. They lack in interchangeable lenses but have a better zoom range of 28-300mm. It is not suitable for professional photography but offers ultimate results because of its auto-exposure settings and manual options with HD recording.
  • Advanced Compacts – Advanced compact cameras are lightweight models and affordable too. It comes with manual exposure mode and enriched for high-resolution pictures. Some of the models even have interchangeable lenses.

DSLR Cameras

Nikkon Digital Camera
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One of the best Camera under Different Types of Cameras For Photography is DSLR Cameras need no introduced as it is the go-to camera models for most of the creative photographers. It delivers professional and excellent sharpness and incredible backdrop bokeh in still images. You can record videos with the high resolution because of its advanced DSLR sensors, interchangeable lenses, and manual camera settings.

Digital single-lens reflex comes with a simple yet effective mechanism where light penetrates the single lens and hits the mirror that reflects the light up into the viewfinder. You will find DSLR cameras with a full-frame sensor or 35mm, and some models even have an APS-C sensor, which is the best crop sensor.

Mirror-less Cameras

Sony Mirror Less Camera
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Another example for Different Types of Cameras For Photography is The compact and lighter alternative to DSLR, Mirror-less Cameras offer excellent quality images and videos. The body lacks in a mirror, and hence it is named as the mirror-less camera. Since it lacks a mirror in the body, the light doesn’t reflect the sensor; instead, it goes straight to the sensor. Because of this unique mechanism, the camera limits the camera shake automatically as compared to DSLR. Since it has less moving parts, the images are noise-less than DSLR. But, it is limited in lens options.

Action And Adventure Cameras

Weather Proof Camera
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Action and Adventure Cameras are great for outdoor photography and filming in rough conditions. It is mainly used for sports photography as it is weatherproof and shockproof. It is small and compact, and the sensor of the camera is protected by durable glass. The camera allows you to have some incredible shots during adventure trips. However, the image quality might not be the same as DSLRs, but it is worth having for action shots during the adventure.

360 Cameras

360-Degree Cameras
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360-Degree Cameras are like action cameras that are water-resistant and mountable on different surfaces. It can be mounted on drones, cars, helmets and more. The interesting thing about the 360-degree camera is its ability to capture interesting footage using back-to-back lenses. It is best for outdoor filming and photography, reality-style videos and a good option for vacations.

Medium Format Cameras

Medium Format Cameras
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Not as common as other cameras, Medium Format Cameras capture images or videos in 120 film size or use digital imaging sensor to suit the size. It captures images that are smaller than the larger counterparts, but bigger than using 135mm or full-frame sensors. Medium Format refers to the 120mm size film formats, and it comes with a larger sensor with incredible image capturing ability through its expensive lens.


All these camera types can shoot videos and perfect for still images too. You must make the selection of the cameras depending upon your project and the needs of photography and video. Before spending money on any camera model, ensure to check the Amazon or Tatacliq discount coupons first purchase offer to save money on your next purchase of digital camera in 2020. You must not just settle with the camera that comes first to you; instead, compare specs and functions before purchasing to make a wise decision.

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