A Quick Guide To All New iPhone 12 – News, Release Date, Price, Leaks

The new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 coming out this year is going to be another excitement for all the gadget  or Apple lovers and they expected to be launched in the next couple of months, Apple’s new iPhone is closer than ever. Here is A Quick Guide To All New iPhone 12.

We can expect both these devices (iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12) release date will be in the months of September or October 2020. Undoubtedly, the iPhone 12 is set to be one of the biggest flagships this year – when it finally arrives – as it promises the greatest update in the years.

But with dozens of rumors circulating about the upcoming devices, are you perplexed what to believe and what not to? Check out the post below.

Usually, September is that time of the year when the new iPhone gets released. However, this year, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has indeed changed things for the release of the iPhone 12. It has been confirmed by Apple that the supplies of its upcoming flagship phone is expected to reach a few weeks after than its usual late September release window.

Wondering what’s expected to change with the new iPhone of 2020? Firstly, you can expect four models of the new iPhone 12, that will include the base handset as well as iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Other rumors and leaks suggest that the tech giant will be introducing some of the first design changes that we have seen in a while. It is estimated that the new iPhone series will mark the debut of 5G technology on an iOS device.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new iPhone.

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iPhone 12 Features

Release Date Of The iPhone 12-A Quick Guide To All New iPhone 12

Well, the exact announcement date of the new iPhone is a confusing topic. Apple has itself said that the new series “won’t go on sale until a few weeks later than usual”. This means that we can expect the new iPhone to come out sometime in October.

Since nothing has yet been made official about when we can get our iPhone 12, it is not yet clear about the exact release date. However, we are almost certain that Apple will unveil its new iPhone 12 before the end of 2020.

Design Rumors Of iPhone 12-A Quick Guide To All New iPhone 12

Curious as to what will the new iPhone models look like? Well, according to Bloomberg, all four models of the iPhone 12 series are expected to bring back the flat metal-edge design of the iPhone 5. In fact, it is estimated that the design change will even bring the iPhone lineup much closer to the iPad Pro 2020.

The design of the iPhone 12 is set to be a big change from the most recent few generations of Apple’s flagships. As per the most recent information on the four models of iPhone 12, we can expect:

  • iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Max with a 6.1-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch display

Key Specifications Of The iPhone 12 (As Per Leaks)-A Quick Guide To All New iPhone 12

Category/Model iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Max iPhone 12 Max Pro
Display 5.4-inch Super Retina OLED (BOE) 6.1-inch Super Retina OLED (BOE) 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED
Price $549 – $649 $999 – $1299 $649 – $849 $1099 – $1399
Processor A14 Bionic A14 Bionic A14 Bionic A14 Bionic
Cameras Dual Rear Cameras Triple Rear Cameras + LiDAR Dual Rear Cameras Triple Rear Cameras + LiDAR
Storage 64GB, 128GB, 256GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB 64GB, 128GB, 256GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Battery 2227 mAh 2775 mAh 2775 mAh 3687 mAh

Pricing Of The iPhone 12-A Quick Guide To All New iPhone 12

The price of the iPhone 12 is something that leaks have made it somewhat clearer than the other news. From now what we can hear as of now, it is likely that the cost will be stay broadly in line with 2019’s iPhone range.

For reference, the starting price of iPhone was $699. While the iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999, the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1099. Although there’s no clear information about the exact prices, we can expect a cheaper starting price for the basic model. However, some sources also claim that the price of the upcoming flagships is set to increase over 2019’s phones

What Colors Will The New iPhone Come In? A Quick Guide To All New iPhone 12

As for the rumors of the iPhone 12 go the speculation is that Apple will debut with the Navy Blue color on its top-end models. Reports claim that the iPhone Pro 11 which debuted with the Midnight Green color sold beyond the expectations of the tech giant. So, it is likely that Apple will decide either to keep it or replace it in the lineup with this navy shade.

Since the iPhone 11 Pro and the Pro Max were available in Silver, Gold, Space Gray, alongside the Midnight Green. Even though these shades may remain for the iPhone 12, we are yet to get any firm evidence on the return of these colors. And, as for the standard handset, we can expect a similar pastel range to that of iPhone 11. These include colors like Green, Black, Yellow, Red, White, and Purple.

Does iPhone 12 Promise A Better Camera?-A Quick Guide To All New iPhone 12

Many new iPhone leaks suggest that we can see some great changes to the camera on every device. The most notable change is likely to be the addition of LiDAR scanner, like the one we can see on iPad Pro 2020. With this feature, users can accurately determine the distances and depth, thus allowing for better augmented reality and Portrait Mode.

Speculations are that the LiDAR scanner will be included on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max (beside the three lenses). On the other hand, the basic iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Max are believed to have two camera lenses without any LiDAR scanner. Another report also suggests that a rear-facing 3D camera is in the development. The rumor is that the two top models will get this, in addition to a triple-lens camera.

Will The New iPhone 12 Be 5G-Ready?-A Quick Guide To All New iPhone 12

It is expected that with the iPhone 12, 5G will make its debut on an iPhone. In fact, if rumors are to be believed, we can see each of the models featuring some kind of 5G connectivity. But, the biggest caveat here is that the basic iPhone 12 models might not support the mmWave 5G technology. Experts believe this feature will be reserved only for the two top-end models. So, you need to think really hard before purchasing an iPhone 12 with 4G, particularly if the costs aren’t too low.

Will The iPhone 12 Come With AirPods?-A Quick Guide To All New iPhone 12

Well, the shortest answer to the above question is – No. It is unlikely that Apple will be putting a pair of AirPods with a new iPhone in the same box as these accessories have been a major maker for the company whenever sold separately.

Apple may decide to unveil the rumored AirPods along with the new handset at its event. However, it is heavily rumored that the company will not include a pair of earbuds headphones along with the iPhone 12 in 2020.

The release date of the iPhone 12 is still quite a few months away, even if the launch in September 2020 stays constant.

So guys, if you are in a hurry and need a new iPhone in the next few days, go for the iPhone 11 series. But, if you are on the lookout for a top-tier Apple iPhone with the latest features, the iPhone 12 is definitely worth the wait!

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