A Quick Overview On The New Photo Storage App – “Yogile”

“Yogile”, the newest ‘photo storage app’ has created sensation in the market with its wonderful features and easy modes of usage. The app is quite different from other established photo sharing applications as it allows multiple people to use it with a greater ease. Once an album is created, an email address along with a customized URL will reach to you so that you can share them with anyone whosoever is willing to add photos through uploads on websites or through e-mail attachments. No user needs to register which makes the process hassle free and simple.

For example, during a wedding ceremony, there are dozens of guest and attendees who are taking their photos using their own cameras from different angles. While you may try everyone for clicks afterwards, yogile will be there to give you a smart alternative.

Yogile is a sort of brainchild of an independent software developing brand popularly known as Monon B.V. Initially only a few people were working on this project keeping it entirely flexible. This app is completely based on the concept of cloud computing which has made the storage job very easy and reliable.

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There is hundreds of photo sharing and storage websites available on internet but unfortunately most of them lack the feature of easy group sharing. People seek the help of Facebook to tag their friends in the uploaded album and many still have to mail their photographs back and forth. So, we definitely need a simple solution for it and Yogile is there for you. It is very simple and easy to use for even those who are not technology familiar.

Usability and interface design

The interface design of Yogile isn’t something super crazy, it is minimalistic and clean. Yogile will be loved by someone who surf on tons of websites daily as this app offers some sexy eye candies. The minimalism and simplicity they have gone through is just amazing and worth appreciating.

The application is useful enough. It makes incredible and fantastic use of enhancement of Java scripts. The enhancement of JavaScript makes the experience of the user more pleasant, seamless and snappy.

An example in regard to this is that you can quickly edit photo titles, albums, their descriptions and other inline information by just clicking at them.


The basic idea behind the Yogile app is very simple. Also it is absolutely free of cost. However you can access only 100 MB on this free account. By using $24.95, one can upgrade the storage to unlimited which includes photo uploads, album sharing, browsing and that too ad- free. It is quite a good deal if compared to other competing websites.

You can download the app by clicking here.


So guys,”Yogile” is a simple and clear app that accomplishes the task of photo sharing by the entire group. There are other great features as well like downloading entire albums in .zip formats, viewing photos through slide share, or in different thumbnail sizes.

Overall, Yogile can be recommended as an outstanding online application and has a great potential to move ahead.

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