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Human life is extremely complicated and utterly complex when compared to everything else around you. Although all these complexities have been nullified to some extent thanks to the comfort and ease provided by the advancements in technology, there are still certain complexities that have risen with time, and we have no point of reference to solving these issues, as our ancestors surely did not have to face these issues. Medical science has also seen several changes and advancements in the last two or three decades or so, but the lifespan of humans has still decreased. Social networks can be found almost everywhere on the internet, yet people have a hard time finding friends to talk to. The saying ‘LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES’ comes true here, and no individual in this modern everyday world will deny this. So what to do when you are facing a certain problem in your life and don’t know what to do? Who do you turn to in times of your greatest need? The answer is one word, one name – This website is truly a one stop shop for all the problems that you come across in life.

Problems are like locks – if there is one key for every lock, then there has to be one solution for every problem. But, sometimes, it so happens that we may get totally overwhelmed by the problem, both emotionally and physically, and we can’t find an easy way out from said situation. If statistics are referred to or consulted, then it can be seen that an alarming figure of 16000 students have been reported to have attempted suicide in a time span of 36 months for a variety of reasons and owing to a variety of situations. In fact, if in depth analysis is done, then you will be shocked to know that in India, a student attempts to commit suicide every 90 minutes. These figures are truly alarming. With said figures increasing on an annual basis, finding out the root of this problem has become extremely vital.

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AdviceAdda‘ is considered to be India’s very first online portal that has made its objective to provide the perfect solutions to all teenagers and the national youth regarding all the problems they face. The website works with expert panelists from various fields and expert psychologists, who possess the capability to provide you with all the answers that you make seek in terms of the problems you come across in your life. The problems may be related to career or education, health or relationships, beauty or fashion, and even sex – ‘AdviceAdda’ is there to provide you with any and every type of solution that you may require. There are certain problems in this modern society, which are considered to be taboo by our modern yet backdated society, and hence cannot be openly dealt with. Whatever the case may be – annoying problems or sprouting curiosities, ‘AdviceAdda’ is there to provide the perfect solution. So you can visit the site at any time for any kind of solution, and actually get expert help for your issue.

Now let us look at the figures we were talking about earlier pertaining to teen suicide. The main issues for which teens are forced to commit suicide mainly include health, jobs and education. These issues are considered to be constant causes of worry, as well as issues like deception, love gone wrong, sexual exploitation, social malpractice victimisation and betrayal, which can actually force people to take drastic steps in the blink of an eye. It is of common and popular belief, that if even 10% of the total figure got proper help regarding the issues at hand, then their lives could have been easily saved. The main motive of ‘AdviceAdda’ is to be a source of reliable and strong outlets for teenagers and youngsters who need to share their problems, and solve these problems with the solutions provided by the experts working in collaboration with the website. The site’s main aim is to bring joy and happiness to the younger generation of our nation. This aim is quite commendable, as it is quite evident from the figures given above, that our youth truly need a proper guiding beacon.

‘AdviceAdda’ wishes that youngsters and teenagers to understand that if they are facing any kind of problematic situation, then the solution to that problem is just around the corner. What they are need of is an individual who knows the right ways for dealing with the problems they face, and possess the knowledge that may be needed for future situations as well. Putting it simply – they are in search of a person with whom they can share everything – all problems, all secrets and all desires. This person should be someone who actually listens to them and tries to help them rather than making fun of them, along with keeping the secret a secret forever.

Normally, a single individual can never provide you with all the solutions to all the problems you come across. Expecting something like this is folly. And even if find some with most of the solutions, we are too retreated within ourselves and don’t share our problem. Considering such debacles our lives have to go through, the developers have provided you with the unique platform known as ‘AdviceAdda’, where all teenagers and youngsters will get the chance to share their problems, all the while keeping their identity a secret. With such a great level of anonymity, you can fearlessly and straightforwardly come forward and share your problem, so that the experts at ‘AdviceAdda’ can help you in solving said problems. The website has a total of more than a million members, who ask for help and advice almost on a daily basis. The experts over at AdviceAdda make it their agenda to help these poor depressed souls, because they believe that youth is the future of our nation, and the youth needs to have a strong mindset in order to lead the country towards a better future.

The founder of, Vivek Satya Mitram, says that this online portal is solely based on the concept of advising teens regarding the dilemmas and problems of their lives. Mitram was a journalist by profession before he opened up the website. He has had experience of working with news organizations like Star News, PTI, India News, NWS and Sahara Samay as a reporter, channel head and output head. According to him, the work that ‘AdviceAdda’ has done so far is truly revolutionising and quite successful. He further adds that he always had the wish to do some social work for the nation, and also for the generation of which he is also a part. He says that this website is nothing but an initiative to allow our youth to come out of the problem closets and live freely without any stress or worry.

The website is home to counsel from expert sexologists, psychologists, gynaecologists, physicians, dermatologists, career counselors, motivational speakers, fitness trainers, beauty experts, lawyers and financial advisors. Vivek comments that access and exposure to the wide roster of experts allows each and every user and visitor, who can get all their queries satisfied, and all their problems solved. You name the problem, and ‘AdviceAdda’ will surely have the solution ready for you.

Vivek further explains the importance of the anonymity the users enjoy when they log on to the site to share their problems and dilemmas. He explains that once a user shares his or her problem, the problem is then forwarded to a departmental expert within 12 to 24 hours of receiving it. The users then receive the answers or solutions in their accounts, and are also posted on the site, so that people who have a similar problem can benefit from these solutions as well.

Each and every individual in this world comes across one problem after the problem. The key here is to know ways to deal with these issues, and thereby the common saying of he who has faced it knows the pain was invented. But whatever the problem may be, finding a solution is an absolute necessity. That has truly become Vivek’s motto in life – helping others figure out the perfect way to sort out their lives, thereby allowing them to live peacefully and in harmony. So visit ‘AdviceAdda today and get all the help you require in times of need.

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