All new iPhone models- XS, XS Max and XR

The latest news is Apple has recently launched its brand new 3 iPhone models. iPhone launched all the three latest models on 12th September and then started the rumors.

The Release date for the new iPhones

The new segments of non-other than iPhone models were recently released. On Wednesday, September 12 iPhone released the iPhone XS, iPhone SX Max, and also iPhone XR. The first version of the all-new iPhone is said to be the replacement for the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Surprisingly these two phones were also launched last year on the same date and in the same month! The new addition of XR will surely cause a lot of dilemma among the buyers.

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The price

The price range for all these three iPhone models seem to be pretty normal in the US market, however, in India, it will surely bring some storms. iPhone has never been cheap in the Indian market after all. The iPhone XR seems to be the most affordable one at a cost of Rs. 53,928. However, the price Rs. 1,04,328 seems to be pretty out of reach. In simple words, the pricing will leave no stone unturned to take away some precious breath away. If you are looking for a way to minimize this cost, then try TataCliq coupon code for new users. This will let you save some money.

According to the official pricing, the iPhone XR will start from Rs. 76,900 (), next to the iPhone XS, will be priced at Rs,99,900 and then the iPhone XS Max is way out of the league, priced at an exorbitant rate which is Rs. 1,09,900. Mind you, all of these is the price range for the base model.

What is iPhone XR?

The most affordable iPhone out of all the three is the iPhone XR. This one doesn’t come with a dual camera though and no optical zoom! We know, even we became surprised! But, the good news is it has got a solid battery life just like the previous iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch display. If you don’t have a huge expectation list, then this one will be good for you. But if you are someone who is looking for a superb camera, then this one might disappoint you. Also, the other two variants, XS and XS Max come with the best hardware as well. One good way to buy the iPhone XR is to avail Amazon offers for new users. Check them out.

What is iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS comes with a 5.8-inch display, which is a little smaller in size when you compare it with the XR. This is the smallest iPhone in this segment. If you are someone who doesn’t get excited with huge screens, then we say you can go for this one. This one starts at Rs. 99,990 () and you get 64GB. The Super AMOLED display is just perfect for those who want to enjoy the all new HDR 10 content.

If you are looking for a smaller phone but with the updated iPhone feature, then this is the one to go for.

What is iPhone XS Max?

It’s been a year, and no one could beat iPhone X at its pricing, but it seems that the all-new iPhone XS Max is all set to conquer that. Also, the phone comes with a lot of upgrades in terms of display. This smart Super AMOLED display phone comes with a 6.5-inch display. It could be pretty big for a few, but those who love big screens will have a good time with this one.

You will have to spend every penny to buy the XS Max. The base model which comes with 64 GB is priced at Rs. 1,09,900 () and the top model with 512 GB will cost you Rs. 1,44,900. If you love to watch HDR 10 enabled movies, then this is the one to go for. Love playing games? Then another good reason why you should buy it. If you don’t mind spending so much, then go for it.

Our Verdict

The iPhone models always comes with new features and we are hopeful that these three will also come with some surprising new features as well. iPhone is known to create a distinction between men and boys. Non the less, the sky-high price tags will definitely create a lot of fuss among the buyers. What we are waiting to see is whether Apple is going to change the price for Indian customers or not. After all, there are many people who would like to have a feel of iPhone. Only the upcoming festive season will tell if we will see some changes in the price tag. Until then we will have to accept this as the official cost.

Also, another interesting fact that we can’t ignore is whether they will be able to beat the Android flagship models or not. The iPhone XS makes Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a great buy though. Look at the price and specification!

So, with all our hopes and speculations let’s just wait and watch. Only time will tell.

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