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With the advent of Amazon Kindle, the world of book lovers has been divided into two- those who prefer reading on Kindle and those who debate about its pros and cons continuously. But one thing is for sure that- in a way Amazon Kindle has been revolutionizing the world of reading since 2009, starting off with its basic e-reader. Right now, Amazon Kindle is ruling with its three types of e-reading facilities most – Kindle Paperwhite (Previous Generation), Kindle Voyage and Kindle-6” Glare with Free Touch-screen facility.

Kindle Paperwhite (Previous Generation)

Price- $109 (Rs.8, 999)

Kindle Paperwhite – Image

With its 6-inch display screen and both 3G/Wi-Fi availability- Kindle Paperwhite (Previous Generation) is the gorgeous tool that has ever been r created for reading. The annoying reflective back-lit tablets and smart devices that put strains on eyes has always been a worry among e-book lovers. But Kindle Paperwhite’s cutting-edge, next-generation frontal display light will always save your eyes by not creating any glare. You can regulate the brightness of the screen anytime. The glossy, dark texts that look visually impressive on stark-whiter screen- make this Kindle a treat for the connoisseurs. The additional features like translation section, customized categorization of books and Vocabulary builder will make your reading session enriching. The powerful battery will last for as many as 8 weeks through a single charging session. This is also a great gift for your child as Kindle Paperwhite (Previous Generation) gives the parents the control over children’s accessibility to Web store.

Kindle Voyage

Price-$79 and $199 (Rs. – 16,499 for Wi-Fi and Rs.-20,499 for 3G) respectively.

Kindle Voyage - Image
Kindle Voyage – Image

Kindle Voyage is so far the most cutting-edge version of this e-book reader. If money is not an issue, then you should try for it. Do you suffer from red eyes once you stare at your computer/tablet/normal e-reader screen for too long? Then the front-light addition of Voyage makes it perfect for you. The light will adjust automatically- thus the screen will be brighter when the room light becomes deem and vice versa. The 6-inch e-link screen of Voyage is a progression from Kindle Paperwhite. The 100 pixel per inch resolution ensures that the text looks sharper. But what takes the cake is that- just pressing down at the side of this e-reader will land you up at the next page, giving the feel of reading a paper-back or hard-bound.

Kindle- 6” Glare Free Touch-screen Display, Wi-Fi

Price- $ 78.60(Rs.4, 999)

Kindle 6 Inch Glare - Image Credit:
Kindle 6 Inch Glare – Image Credit:

The cheapest version of Kindle is every budget-conscious book-aficionado’s dream. The 6” screen with its Touchscreen capacity simulates the real-life reading experience, while the 20% speedier processor makes turning every page oh-so-easy. The smart user-interface provides the reader with every opportunity to enjoy the features like – dictionary, highlighting and connecting via Goodreads; to the T. Are you in mid-way of reading an epic novel and needs a reminder about what happened before? Then the soon-to-be-featured X-Rays will give you the entry to delve deeper. The avant garde search option makes the ‘finding books’ process ultra-convenient. Lastly, the qualities like- text-size regulation, passage translation and massive free e-books collection make it obligatory for you to add this Kindle in your bucket list.

Guys, being a voracious reader, I must say that “Kindle” is an awesome product of Amazon that will give readers a mind boggling experience of reading.

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