Apple iPhone 5C – ‘C’ Does not necessarily stand for ‘Cheap’

It seems that Apple’s pride just couldn’t stomach jibes suggesting that the ‘C’ would stand for ‘cheap’, and have hardly made any concessions on price. Purchasing 5C out of contract will lead you back £469 for the 16 GB version and £549 for the 32 GB model. Obviously contract prices are low (in US they’re set at $99 and $199) but this is far from a budget handset.
Although the 5C is being lauded as one of the ‘new’ iPhones, but it’s really just a ‘Old wine in a new bottle’, having almost same configurations and screen resolution as the iPhone 5.
Now Apple has also slashed the shipment of 5C according to the latest Wall Street Journal. This definitely looks like the company is taking a hit in relation to the sale of this new model. Apple through its marketing of 5C was essentially asking more people to purchase the new model, even if all they’re really buying is a colorful case.


Apple iPhone 5C
Apple iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone 5 is still far better than 5C in terms of build quality and looks. Although the plastic case of 5C gives a vibrant look but still the metal body of 5 boasts a sophisticated flavour. The slip-on silicone covers also add to the appeal, with reports saying they also take away the ‘slippery’ feel of the 5C.

The only advantage of iphone 5C is that it runs in iOS 7 platform unlike 5 where one needs to upgrade the phone to this latest OS.
As the business and the market of high end smart phones are slowing down it is obvious that investors and analysts are pushing  the manufacturers to target the budget audience. Apple is no exception to this strategy and the launch of 5C is a testament to the same. However the reports and survey gathered till now around 5C hardly proves this endeavor to be a successful one.

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