Apple Pay’s unbeatable security – 3 reasons why

Hackers simply crave for a new product launch, and there is an extremely good reason behind it. When a new app, service or smartphone is released to the public, the hackers simply adore the situation as it is a fresh challenge for them to show off their skills, and will even compete with other hackers in order to beat them to the prize. Apple products are the perfect point of attraction for these hackers, as many hackers simply enjoy hacking Apple devices to revolutionise their own worlds, and the worlds of the people around them.

Image Credit: techchronology.com
Image Credit: techchronology.com

The process of hacking Apple products is usually known as Jailbreaking. Using this practice, expert hackers remove all the controls the company installs into all its products to stop users from taking any sort of actions, such as the download of smartphone applications from other third party unsecure stores. Hence, right before the launch of the all new “Apple Pay“, which is basically a contact less payment service, various news organizations issued a warning that all hackers would try their best to hack into “Apple Pay” to take malicious advantage of the service.
But after the recent release of “Apple Pay”, all the warnings were proven to be false and baseless, because no such incident of Apple Pay being hacked was heard of till date. No targeted concept attacks were attempted, and no scams were even heard of. As per the statement released by the CTO of FireEye, Grady Summers, there seem to be a total of three reasons due to which Apple Pay has yet not been compromised. Read on to find out more.
The reasons are:

1. Apple Pay never stores any card information belonging to any user.
2. All data, that is being sent during any particular transaction, is always encrypted.
3. Apple Pay allows user to protect all payments with the help of the TouchID fingerprint scanner available on the iPhone.

As per Summers, the first two reasons stop all hackers trying the age old tricks they usually make use of for the purpose of stealing deals for card payments at POS (point-of-sale) terminations in various stores. He further explained that the user’s credit card number of the user is not transmitted in any Apple Pay transaction, which makes it even more secure. If you have Apple Pay on your Apple device, you can simply wave it on any POS(point-of-sale) terminal and make your payment.

Hackers simply enjoy targeting poorly secured POS terminals, as it is the easiest way to make money. They have even extracted a lot of information by attacking these POS terminals in the last one decade or so. Almost 70 million retail customers had their details stolen 2 years ago via a viscous POS attack.
The TouchID feature that provides the last and strongest line of defense to the Apple Pay service was first launched in iPhone 5S. This feature is perhaps the most secure line of defence, as hackers, as of now, have no means to crack this system.

I think the above 3 reasons are really great to make Apple a good and very reliable organization.

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Featured image Credit: techchronology.com

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