Apple Watch – The all new way of looking Time

The highly admirable, personalized and the gadget that you will carry with pride on your wrist, no doubt it’s an Apple Watch, that is being made available for preorders by Apple Inc. from this first week of April, 2015. The Apple Watch is super-stuff digital gadget that will let you see and live the time in all new way. It will let you to organize all your day to day activities right from personal activities, health and hygiene to works and appointments.

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The device can be connected and synced together with iPhone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and will be compatible with the iPhone 5 or later models running iOS 8.2, which will made the strong sync between the calendar, maps and reminders with the phone and will let you assist with all the things.

It will also let the user to manage phone calls, sms, mails, etc. all from the one place on the wrist. It will be also capable of controlling Apple TV, as well as act as will be capable of acting as walkie-talkie. It will also work with Apple Pay, a mobile payment service introduced by Apple on the same event where the announcements of Apple watch were made.

Apple watch will be available in three various collections and will be including as around 38 individual models. It will be having the facility of combinations of cases and interchangeable bands that will let the users to personalize the watch as per their outfits. This gadget is provided with never seen before unique feature and is bundled with the modern technology outfits, the ability to change the Face may also be referred as theme of watch and even than to customize the face with number of attributes is like the one to feel the new wrist watch for each and every occasion of the day.

The touchscreens provided in Apple watch is a pressure-sensitive touchscreen that means it will be easily capable of finding a tap and a pressure. Moreover, it is also complete water-resistant with IPX7 rating and as a result it will be convenient and uninterruptable with day to day workings from morning workouts to nights out.

The Apple Watch are provided with Apple’s new Apple S1 processor, all will be having 8 GB of storage, that will let user to save up to 2 GB of music and 75 MB of photos, however once it connected with iPhone it can play all the tracks that are there in a phone.

Talking about few of the external design of the Apple Watch, it is made up of 316L stainless steel, an alloy which is considered for its great corrosion resistant strength, moreover for the display designing sapphire is used, which is considered as the hardest transparent material on earth next to diamond. This shows that not only the internal software features but the Apple has also ensured that the external structure and design of the Apple Watch will worth to its users for the quality.

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