Apps that will make you alert from incoming Earthquake

Earthquake is a natural disaster, and no one can really stop that. But we can at least get alert messages on the probable incidents of the quake. Due to lots of natural disasters happening over the world, people working with the technology have actively taken steps, and they have set up a lot of control centers and sensors all around the world. These systems communicate with each other and exchange information as well.

After the recent earthquakes in Nepal, which not only rocked Nepal, but also different parts of India as well. The tremors cause almost 3000 lives in West Bengal, Bihar, UP, Punjab and many other places of India. For the safety of our citizen and also for people all over the world few developers have developed apps for android and ios as well.

These apps use the information exchanged between the control systems over the world, and they do not need to hack into it as these are publicly available as well. These apps are well equipped with sophisticated technology; they will feed you with an urgent alert if any kind of natural disaster is going to happen.

Earthquake Alert:

Photo Credit - Getty Images
Photo Credit – Getty Images

This is one of the best earthquake alert app for Android users. This app is very light and can be run on most of the Android machines. There are three tabs in this app. The first one will inform about the recent tremors and earthquakes. The second one has a map with the places marked in red and green. Those are green are smaller earthquakes, but the red ones are the ones that are really dangerous and the big ones. You can also put filters to make sure the information is locked in certain areas and for certain amount of earthquakes.

Yurekuru call:

Photo Credit - Getty Images
Photo Credit – Getty Images

The best one out of the lot in iOS apps is the “Yurekuru call“. This app will give you an alert message about the earthquake time, intensity and also the epicenter as well. It also provides you the detailed information about epicenter using a map. The best thing about this app is that you can get to know about earthquakes in advance. Though this app is quite popular in iOS but this app is also available for Android as well.

Quakes – Earthquake Notifications:

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

This is again one of the very useful for iOS users.Earthquake Notifications is almost same like “Yurekuru call” but the overall design and functionality of the app is very much interactive and user friendly.The design is also good and attractive to look at. It has also a map to show all the details, and also you can get to know how far you are from the epicenter of an earthquake. The best part of this app is the timeline with the intensity of the quakes. This will help you to know where it is happening and also when it is happening.


Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

BlackBerry is also not behind of building apps for earthquake alert.Its position is absolutely fine in terms of competition among iOS and Android apps. Like all other apps Gempaloka also displays the map with indicators that show all seismic activity details. You can zoom into the map and can see all the relevant information such as the intensity, location and affected area. The amazing feature of this app is its file size.The installer size is almost 65KB which is very minute in comparison to other apps.

Blackberry claims that more than 55,000 users from all over the world have used their “Gempaloka” app. Mobile gets vibrated with a glowing red light, thus notifying the users about incoming Earthquake!

So as it seems, there can be many more earthquakes coming, and there have been quite a few quakes in past 2-3 days as well. So better if you stay away from these places, try and help your friends by sharing these apps.

Though we can do nothing in front of our mother nature but still we can try to save a few people’s life.

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