Benefits of Having Wi-Fi Solutions for Schools

Words can hardly describe the benefits. What used to take days to research, can be done almost instantly, with the tap of a finger. If a school only has wired computers, means no wi-fi than students are extremely limited to time and place for their studies. This makes it more difficult for a student to get the work done at the limited time given. Maybe the computers are only in the library. The library hours are only as long as there is staff employed. But if a school has WiFi, the student can study any time and anywhere he/she likes. That is an enormous convenience! Especially since college students are having to work, go to school, and try to fit a social life in, all in the same day. Because of the busy schedules, study time may have to be 2:00 A.M. WiFi gives students much more freedom to activities and studies. This can affect the student’s grades, giving them a higher grade point average.

Students are using technology from toddler age and up. Those abilities should be used to educate them as well as entertainment. Wi-Fi also makes communication between students, parents, teachers, etc. instant at any time of day. Not only are students able to communicate, but with WiFi they are able to see their family and friends on the screen of their device. A college student, away from home for the first time, missing their family, will appreciate seeing and talking to their family instantly. This will take the agony of homesick away, and help the student psychologically and emotionally. Again, this is necessary for a college student today, who is juggling so many things and cramming it all into one day. WiFi offers each student “individual” education, according to Some people learn better from seeing, others from doing, and even others from hearing. Each student can learn at their own level and styles with Wi-Fi.

Teaching and learning used to be confined to what was brought into the walls of the classroom. That is not true today. Wi-Fi brings the world into the walls of the classroom! Now students can use aids including videos, audios, and classroom lectures, on their lunch breaks at work, on their way to work or school, or anywhere and any time. They can find their way to their work, or even their next classroom, using GPS with Wi-Fi. Students can get ‘together’ online to study without having to travel. True to the time updates on students assignments and grades are available at their fingertips. What about those group assignments? It can be very difficult to get together with other students who may live across town or even in another town. Or to organize the group with individuals with different work and school schedules.

With Wi-Fi, no one has to travel at all, and the group can get together and share the progress they’ve already done, and study together. They can see each other, and show each other documents, diagrams and writings, and even edit the progress. Once the project is finished, it can be submitted instantly. People think the cost of technology is high. Most of the hardware is quite reasonable, and consider the savings! You can get together in a group without traveling, saving a lot of money on gas. The time you save can be used to work more hours. Schools save money by not having to employ a person to sit in a library or other room in order to have it open for the students. A lot of money can be saved directly and indirectly. If a school is concerned about the initial expense to modernize with WiFi, there are big returns for a relatively small amount of our-of-pocket money spent. In choosing a college, or even a grade school or high school, I would definitely look to be sure they have Wi-Fi, and not a confined system where the internet can only be used on specific computers and only in a limited number of areas in the school. I feel that a school without Wi-Fi is obsolete, and the education I receive in that school would also be obsolete. How can a school prepare me for the work place, in a progressive world, when the school does not even have up-to-date technology, which technology will be used in the world and in the work place.

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