Boost your ‘Ego’ With The New Selfie App

Selfies have become extremely popular in the last few years. People from all over the world simply love to take selfies, and even celebrities indulge in this new past time of taking selfies and sharing these pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But if any user feels any type of hesitation to post all the clicked selfies on Facebook or Twitter, then they should install a smartphone Selfie app going by the name of ‘Ego’ without any further ado. This app is totally selfie oriented, and can be downloaded from any app store, without any charge whatsoever. So go ahead and download it today.

This application is the brain child of Sam Waters, who is a graduate from Duke University in Durham. As per the developer, taking selfies is a natural thing nowadays among all smartphone users. People want their friends to stay informed about what they are doing, even when there is no photographer around. But, the main problem is that people feel a bit embarrassed while posting these selfies on Twitter and Facebook. The ‘Ego’ app has been developed for these easily embarrassed people, who need a “confidence boost” to upload selfies on a regular basis. That is the main role of this app – it is a confidence booster.

After downloading the app, the user has to register with a new username, and give a one word description of himself or herself. After doing this, the user will be able to access a feed where other people have posted selfies as well, and these same users can help to boost your ‘Ego’ if and when they like a picture you have uploaded. The developer says that the ‘Ego’ app can be used to create an entire portfolio with selfies, which will allow them to tell the story of their life through a digital medium. He believed that people will not feel ashamed to take and upload selfies anymore with the help of this app, available for free and any app store.

Sam Waters says, that it has become a part of human nature to take selfies anywhere and everywhere nowadays, for instance, a restaurant, a spa, a vacation spot, etc. According to him, people simply love to show off what they are doing, and since people can’t carry a photographer in their bags, people take selfies and upload them on Facebook and Twitter. They love the fact that people see these selfies and comment on them, saying how cool they think the picture is. This gives the uploader a strange feeling of happiness and satisfaction, because they have succeeded in showing off a wonderful moment in their life.

Now coming back to the app, after registering the username, the app will give the user a nickname, which can be used in future to login as well. All the selfies that a user uploads will be saved in a single album, which will be in the form of a storybook, so that other users can understand what type of life you lead, and rate your selfies accordingly.

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