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The increase in megapixel in an iPhone has been a sensation for the iPhone users. But iPhone 7 could really break the Apple’s 8MP barrier with 13 or 16 megapixels. John Gruber has been great in analyzing the fact about Apple and according to him the upcoming year would be the year of the camera. May be iPhone 8 will beat the tradition as far as camera is concerned.

According to his research, Apple is coming up with two-lens system which will take DSLR-quality photos.

But according to Tech Radar, Sony supplies iPhones with camera modules, which has recently revealed a 21MP stacked CMOS sensor with 192-point autofocus for pointing and focusing on fast-moving objects.

Megapixels are not sufficient to make it versatile. How about seeing optical image stabilization of the 6 plus with regular-sized iPhone 7?

It means better low-light shots, as the lens can be left open for longer, letting in more light, and that will be more detailing, without having  an iota of blur.

Due to the latest rumors, we are concluding that the next iPhone will be keeping its 8MP sensor, for at least 1 year.

The iPhone has emerged with an 8MP sensor since 4s. Apple is engaged now with new updates regarding camera and it is moving to shoot the best smartphone snaps, in spite of the fact that the Sony’s Xperia flagships have 20.7MP camera.

Apple is retaining the same sensor because of the limited supply of CMOS sensors, as Jeff Pu, the analyst asserted. Well, we’re back to more than eight megapixels.

When you update your knowledge according to today’s aspect, the discussion of 12MP sensor with a single lens, no less in Apple’s devices would turn true.

While this means that it can’t detect colors itself (unlike its blue, red and green counterparts), it means that shots will be brighter with increased sensitivity, leading to improved performance in low light conditions.

There is a buzz about autofocus that it will be faster, according to Chinese site Feng’s point of view.

When you see the one week back news then that the front-facing camera of a future iPhone ( iPhone 7) is due for an overhaul. Developer Hamza Sood said that a front camera would be capable of capturing 1080p footage (the iPhone 6’s only goes to 720p) at 60fps, as well as 720p footage at ultra high-speed 240 fps for slo-mo playback ( it is something only the iPhone 6’s rear camera can be succeeded in doing that).

There is also news and views about a front-facing flash, which should encourage selfies potential. The unforgettable panoramic shooting mode will make a mark in better front camera in all upcoming models of Apple.

Since we are honoring Apple by saying that whatever Apple is upto it will fetch those features which will rock anyway and result in good performance. The demand of the high quality camera is increasing day by day so company is compelled to work in it for the simultaneous reformation.

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