Cab service has now been redefined using “Smartphones”

In this fast life, it is very much inconvenient to try finding a cab when you are in need. Moreover, you need to depend on the cab drivers choices as well. Some of them may refuse to go to a place where you would like to go. So to make a solution to this problem Ola and Uber cab has come in front in India.

Uber Cab is also very famous in USA as well..!!.

This has been a revolution really in the world of cab booking. For the first time in the history, you can now get a cab at your doorstep and for that you do not need to go outside and find a cab. You can just sit back at your home, and you will get the cabs.

How does it work?

These two cab services are the simplest of the services. They have websites and also an app for your smart phones. What you need to do is login to your account on one of these websites and book a taxi for you.

In case of OLA cab, you need to download the app that is available for all Android, Windows and Apple. Then you need to register in their app. After that, you just need to select the place you need a pickup from. You can move the pin to the place from where you want a pickup. And you just need to tap ride now. In case you do not want to take a ride now, rather book it for future, you can schedule it for future as well. There is no problem with it. The only thing you need to do is add money to your ola account.

For adding money to the  Ola account – Click the 3 lines icon beside the “address location” on the left side. Then click on the “OLA Money” option: You will get below 3 options:

    • Credit Card: Register your “Credit Card” by giving proper card holder name (as embedded in the card),card number,expiry date and the cvv number (you will find 3 digit number in the back side of your card).
    • Debit Card: Register your “Debit Card” by giving proper card holder name (as embedded in the card),card number,expiry date and the cvv number (you will find 3 digit number in the back side of your card).
    • Net Banking: You can also add money by transferring the desired amount directly from your bank account through Net Banking process.
    • Hard Cash Payment: There is also an option of paying liquid cash after your ride is completed.This feature is mostly applicable for “Ride Later” option.


For Uber cab, the app is available in Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry app stores.You need to download first and then register. They will offer you map where your current location will be there, and you just need to tap to see the cars around you and the estimated time to your place. After you book a car, you will be provided with the car number and also the driver would call you for the confirmation of the place. But the initial balance you need to have in Uber account is 300 INR, and you can only make payments with Paytm in India but you can pay by your “Debit/Credit/Net Banking” in USA.

Another option of payment in India is by registering an “International Debit / Credit Card” if you have.

To add money to the Paytm account, you can use your any online money transfer mode by login into the “Paytm” website or directly from the Uber app itself.See the process below for adding money using Uber App:

Click the profile icon beside the “address location” on the left side. Then click on the “Payments” menu and you will find the “ADD MONEY” option to Paytm is displaying.

Uber & OLA offers:

The best part of Uber is that for each referrals, Uber will provide a promo code to the invitee and by using that promo code, the person will get a free ride of 300 INR.

If that invitee takes the ride then the person who has sent the referral will get the same free ride of 300 INR. That means, if a person send 10 referrals, then he or she will get 10 free rides if all the invitees have taken the ride.This is applicable anywhere in India.

The first time in USA will get a ride upto $25 by using “Uber Promo Code”  provided by Uber after registering.

For OLA, the first time rider will get a free ride of 50 INR by using the “promo code” provided by OLA after registering.

For the referrals, the invitee will get upto 100 INR discount which is reaaly amazing!


The cars provided by both the cab services are of good quality, and the ride is hassle free. You can sit back and relax in the car to reach your destination, and the payment will be taken care of from your cab account balance.

So do not wait anymore, whether you need to go to a place or need a cab pickup for a guest from airport or railway station, get one of these apps and book a car today from your home easily.

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