Check out the small and effective NuPC portable computer

If you are looking for a highly portable PC then look no further. The newly launched NuPC is the perfect answer to all your queries. It is 4×4 inches in size with a thickness of 35mm. In spite of the size the thing is powerful being powered by Intel Core i3. The compact product is meant for both home consumers as well as digital signage displays and in kiosks. Also any other place which may have the need of a small computer can install the PC in that place because it can perform all the functions of a regular computer.

Specification and pricing that attracts customers

Assembled in India keeping in line with ‘Made in India’ campaign the personal computers will be assembled and manufactured in the country itself. The models come in two specifications depending on the pricing. The first NuPC with Intel Core i3 processor has 2GB RAM with a 500 GB storage space and is priced around Rs 30,000. The second one has a 4GB RAM with 1 TB storage space and ranges around Rs 33,000. Buyers get an Intel High Definition Audio 1 with a number of USB ports. Alternatively if the NuPC model is using Intel Celeron processor with a 2 GB RAM and 500 GB storage space then the price starts at around Rs 19,000. With 4 GB RAM and a bigger memory the price ranges at around Rs 22000.  However, you will not get the High Definition Intel Audio with this one. All the models run on Windows 8.1 using Bing.

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Power saving feature

The handheld device is brought to customers by electronics distributor WPG in partnership with Microsoft and Intel. The device is supposed to consume less power and can be charged using a DC adapter. The low cost pricing along with the latest features is likely to increase the popularity of the products. The amount of flexibility and performance that such a small device can handle is amazing. Also the handheld device solves much space problem which is an added bonus that customers cannot deny. When you buy the product you will have to add the monitor, mouse, and keyboard in order to get the full functionality of the device. It saves the space occupied by CPUs so you will only have to accommodate the rest of the equipment.

Huge digital memory

The palm-sized PC packs in a powerful processor which enables the device to function fast and effectively irrespective of the size of the device. The unobtrusive size makes it easily useable. The presence of the huge memory space not only solves the physical space problem but also the virtual one. The memory space is in fact more than a regular desktop and occupies a decent amount of space. You can store a lot of data that can be used for professional purpose as well as home purposes. Funnily the price is not as high as the amount of features and functionality that is being offered. The availability of the number of ports increases the usefulness of the device.

So, guys be ready to use this awesome desktop.

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