What To Choose To Fuel Your Reading: Readly Or Redbug Or Flipboard Or Apple News?

Information and entertainment are two integral parts of social media but only those models are thriving right now- that offer infotainment under one roof and with a fixed subscription charge. If your life revolves around streaming music videos, then Spotify must already have become an indispensable part of your life. On the other hand, those who love binge-watching TV dramas or movies, Netflix is their monthly savior. But is any such platform for bookworms with a flat subscription charge? The answer is-not one but four contenders are currently ruling the market by providing reading contents. Lets understand difference between Readly Or Redbug Or Flipboard Or Apple News

Readly- The app to fulfill your glossy magazine fantasies

ReadlyDo you eagerly wait for monthly dosage of new recipes? Do you love hearing all the insider- gossip of Hollywood? Or does your interest lie with the trashy, pulp magazines? Then Readly may appear as a god-send to you- as this versatile app runs on Kindle Fire, iOS, Android and Windows. Even the little ones of your family will get access to comics through Readly. With subscription fee of ££9.99 per month, Readly is a killer deal.

The only concern you may feel as a parent that- whether your child may get hold of inappropriate content via Readly. But with its coolest feature of parental control, it has taken care of that also. Image Credit: us.readly.com

Readbug- The treasure trove for independent content

ReadbugIf you have a slightly different taste and don’t find run-of-the-mill reading stuff engaging, then Readbug is for you. It caters to that section of users, who prefer indie movies over Hollywood biggies. Right now, it presents the users with delicious non-mainstream magazine titles like- Dazed, Little White Lies, Sight and Sound to name a few. Like Readly, this iOS- app also gives the reader a chance to look for old issues. With a monthly subscription fee of £ 9.99, Redbug is a value-for-money app. But the irritating bugs that you may find here are- fickle type-setting and feeble inventory.Image Credit: itunes.apple.com

Flipboard- Bizarre but exciting

FlipboardA wannabe social network, a RSS feeder and a search-engine that thrives on social media references – Flipboard is all things rolled into one. The best parts are- it is available on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Web browser; and it doesn’t ask for subscription fee from you. But the annoying part is- you have to see lots of paid advertisements before you are directed towards the reading contents.

To handle this beast – you need to select wisely and smartly-what you would like to read.Image Credit: www.veryicon.com

Apple News

Apple NewsThough only a demonstration of Apple News had been presented so far, it looks pretty promising in terms of its proposed contents. Not only Apple is hiring journos and editors for subject matter creation, it has also forged partnerships with famous media outlets like ESPN, The Guardian and WIRED. Though it’s confirmed that Apple News will be running through sponsored ads; whether the user will be depending solely upon the contents developed by the company or he may incorporate his own supplies – is still unknown.Image Credit:www.macrumors.com

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