How to choose gadgets that will actually serve your purpose

How to choose gadgets that will actually serve your purpose Have you ever considered how you can choose the best gadgets money can buy? Have you ever thought about how you can make the right choice so that your investment is justified? If your answer to both these questions is “No”, then you need to read our points on how to choose the right gadgets. These points are based on the purchase of 5 particular gadgets.

Anti-Virus Software

People usually want to download pirated version of antivirus software instead of buying the original copy with a genuine license key. People buying original software are hard to find these days. Internet downloaders simply do not understand that if they download a pirated copy, they might not get proper support and assistance from the software’s developer. Updates may not be installed due to failure in identifying the digital signature of the software. Such things lead to degraded protection for your desktop or your laptop. The best idea here is to purchase a genuine copy.

Mobile-scan app

Keeping your mobiles gadgets safe and secure is by far the most important thing you need to take care of if you are a smartphone user. You can download free mobile scanning apps from Google Playstore or the Apple App store, or even from a third party website. But these free apps will never protect a high level of security for your smartphone. Go to Playstore or iTunes store and search for mobile scanning apps for which you need to pay an annual subscription. This is the smartest idea you can come up with if you want to protect your smartphone from harmful viruses.


Internet routers are all the rage nowadays. Every office or household has several laptops, smartphones and tablets, and all these devices require an internet connection to function properly. But due to slow internet connections and ever increasing prices of the packages, it becomes difficult to have multiple connections. Routers are perfect if you want to split one connection through WI Fi. You should always purchase one that is not going to break down within a few months, or does not emit harmful levels of radiation.


SSDs are fast, durable and compact data storage devices, which provide the perfect solution for storing all your important files that are simply too large for your hard drive. Choosing an SSD with the highest storage space and the lowest price is the best idea on your part. Most people go for just about any SSD model simply because it is just smaller or faster, or comes with shockproof features, so that it does not get damaged if dropped. But experts always suggest that you should always buy an SSD with an IOPS of 40000 or more.

Radiation protection chip

If you are into wireless gadgets, and are always using some gadget or the other, then it is a known fact that you are being affected by a little radiation every time. Using high grade anti radiations chips will protect you from harmful electromagnetic radiation which is given off by electronic devices like phones. It is always advisable that you keep the phone at least 25mm away from your body. But since it is not possible, you should use this chip.

So, Guys I think before spending money on gadgets you should be very careful to choose the right one! Otherwise your investment will go in vain which I think is very painful.

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