Cortana, Windows 10 and TV DVR: Xbox One gets a Facelift

Gaming on “Xbox One” will never be the same again, thanks to the innovative new design of the UI being launched this fall on a global scale. Microsoft is introducing some considerable changes to increase the content access speed, and also the speed to complete all the necessary tasks on your brand new Xbox One. And now that Cortana is going to be added to it, the Xbox One is sure to become too hot to handle for all console lovers.

Microsoft has been inspired immensely by the feedback left by fans, so as to deliver some of the features and inno

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vations that the fans requested for the upcoming models of Xbox One. Till this day, Microsoft has introduced a total of 130 brand new features on the Xbox One since its very first model, and the new features being added this fall have been predicted as the best ones to be introduced. These features mark a very special milestone in the Xbox One’s path to evolution. Microsoft has always stayed committed to put the gamer and the fans as the main focus of any feature they introduce, and the boundaries of innovation are being pushed continuously.


Windows 10 from Microsoft has been the most talked about launch in 2015, and the company has made some great plans to improve gaming experience for gaming fanatics by bringing Xbox Live to each and every screen of a household or a gaming area. The new and improved UI of the Xbox One will be launched through a free and simple system update, which will include mainly the incorporation of some Windows 10 components, for proper optimization of the gaming environment. The Windows 10 components will increase the processing speed of the console in the best possible way. With the new components, indulging in multiplayer gaming sessions, accessing regularly used content, and customizable game-play interface becomes very easy to reach. And with Cortana, you will never feel alone, or without a guide when you are playing.

Following are some of the changes that gamer can expect to be included in the Xbox One. Read on to find out more.

A fully redesigned Home interface – Microsoft has redesigned the entire “Home interface” to increase the experience of all gamer who love to play on the Xbox. You will have the scroll option to scroll through the recent gaming sessions, along with detailed information of the games being run on the console.

Brand new avatars – The new Xbox One sees a prominent return of the “Xbox Avatars”, as the concept had gained a lot of popularity on its first release. The avatars have been given a modern look with the help of high quality images, along with all the conventional customization favored by the fans.

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Cortana on Xbox One – The new Xbox One will have Cortana preinstalled on it, as your very own gaming assistant to help you out. The program usually works to enhance the game-play experience, and works effectively on Windows 10 on any device.

Guys, I must say that duet performance of “Cortana” and “Xbox One” is going to be a mind boggling experience for all the gamer.

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