CUDDLL- A New Way Of Coming Together

Cuddll has made making friends very easy. You may Cuddll into certain events cured by someone around you and turn them out to be real. Cuddlls are actually the events which are listed by some other persons tagged under interesting categories.

Through this application, you can filter Cuddlls according to your location, interest, availability and comfort around your location.

This application has actually realized socializing. You need not to sit alone and wonder about where to find out people like you with whom you can chill and interact.

This is a sort of a social platform which helps you to connect with the people having same passion as you have.

The main aim of Cuddll is to shift the social networking goal from mere a profile based virtual interaction to interest based real relations.

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What’s new?

  • Integration of more efficient and stable chat.
  • Introduction of ‘Discover’ tab. This will let you discover new friends around you.
  • Mandatory updates.
  • Many more wonderful additions are yet to come. Come and join to find new friends to chill.

Important Facts

The application is sold by Syndeseis International Private Limited. Its size is 45.2 MB. The social networking app requires iOS 8.0 and is compatible well with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. This app is also available in “Google Play Store” for Android users.

It runs in English language and is permitted for all to use who are above 12 years in age.


Family Sharing

It has a unique feature of family sharing, i.e. up to 6 members in a family can use this app is family sharing option is enabled.


Call to action is the USP of Cuddll. It has mixed the contemporary culture of meeting with someone new with the old concept of getting into newer friendships while doing some task together. We usually find our best friends while being busy ain something like at tuition, work, college and school, singing, dancing, playing or even at serving punishments. The basic ingredient here is to do something together.

This is what Cuddll is helping you to do. It makes you engage with those people where you can come forward to interact with them, speak up your brain and go somewhere beyond just falling for the physical appearances and profiles. It has removed the pressure to sound entertaining and engage you to just go ahead.

Speciality about Cuddll

You can create friends and chat with them without sharing your email id or phone number. Once you are satisfied, just go and meet them. Enjoy in a real get together. You may also find people in accordance with their location and the activities they do. Join them in doing that activity. This app is very effective in making new friends.

Exciting about cuddll

Cuddll is a really exciting app. You can meet amazingly awesome people there. Making new friends is very easy using Cuddll. Cuddls are a sort of informal social gatherings which the users can easily join, enjoy and meet new people who are looking forward to attend the similar gathering.

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