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DxOMark ratings for the new Nikon D7200 explained

DxO has ranked the Nikon D7200 as a wonderful and dynamic DSLR from Nikon. The D7200’s capability to capture the extreme points of highlight and shadow in scenes with a high contrast level has earned it a wonderful place on the DxOMark rankings. The D7200 is currently occupying the 20th place on the ranking list, but the competition was with high end full frame digital single lens reflex cameras that carry high megapixel counts. So truly, the 20th place the D7200 received, even with its small APS-C sensor, is quite impressive if you look at it from a positive view point.

You can go through the results of the DxOMark D7200 test, to check all the data, but in short, we can tell you here that this DX camera range from Nikon features a 14.6EV dynamic range score, while competitors like Canon 7D Mark II ranges somewhere around 11.8 EV and the new Sony A77 II in a range of 13.4 EV, which is truly impressive if you consider the features available on these two competitors.

The noise and color depth test helped the D7200 to rank at similar levels with its market competitors, namely the Sony A77 II and the Canon 7D Mark II. This same test result was seen in many other reviews and critical analysis as well. But all in all, the combined DxO Mark sensor score puts the D7200 much ahead of the Sony and Canon competitors.

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Let us now take a look at the DxO Mark scores

  • Canon 7D Mark II scored 70
  • Sony A77 II scored 82
  • Nikon D7200 scored 87

These test results are in no way reliant upon the resolution of the cameras, as it solely depends on the lens a particular user makes uses of, but other test results have shown that the D7200 is far ahead of the competitors with sharp images, thanks to the APS-C sensor.

People, mainly camera enthusiasts, will surely notice that the D7200 has a different pixel count than all its predecessors, which points towards one simple fact – that the camera comes with a brand new sensor never seen before. In predecessors like the D7100, the Toshiba sensor was fairly satisfactory, but not what genuine photographers were looking for. Nikon has often made of use of sensors from Sony. But now, it has been seen that the D7200 uses the same image sensor as the D5500, i.e., the APS-C sensor. Also, experts are of the belief that an upgraded Toshiba sensor will also be used in the D7200, giving it a unique identity of its own in terms of photography. Owing to this fact, the dynamic range of the D7200 will also be improved, due to the lack of proper banding in the shadows of files with base ISOs.

Photographers can purchase the D7200 with a lens, or they can just go for the body. The body alone costs around USD 1199.95 or INR 76500, and with a 18-140 mm VR lens, the price is approximately USD 1699.95 or INR 108500.

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