Experience AR Sky View With 3D World Clock In Cosmic Watch 2.0

Good news, iOS and Android users! Celestial Dynamics Ltd has launched Cosmic Watch 2.0 for Android and iOS.

With the new update of this top-notch education tool, users can now view the sky in augmented reality (AR) and see planetary constellations as well as stars in real-time through the app. The 2.0 update brings with it notifications which include the main celestial events and the current phases of the sun and moon. What’s more, the latest version combines a state-of-the-art design along with great features!

Cosmic Watch for Android

Cosmic Watch is a virtual planetarium for tablets and mobile phones with more than 30,000 downloads so far. Its attractive 3D design boasts of a celestial sphere and familiarizes the users with basic astronomy concepts so that they get acquainted with the motions of the sky. The recent update is even drawing the attention of watch-freaks, design lovers as well as fans of science fiction. The latest update successfully combines the newest interactive functions with sharp features and intuitive handling.

Some of These Recent Updates Include:

  • New solar system view: You will be able to see the entire solar system and choose from helio-centric and geo-centric views.
  • New sky view: Just point your tablet or phone to the sky and you will instantly get an actual time look at the stars, planets and constellations.
  • The Celestial Sphere: This is easy to switch on and off in the Earth view.
  • Events & notifications:It can calculate the upcoming time-related, astronomical events and even send you notifications.
  • New equatorial clock face: A modern and clear visualization of the 24-hour day.
  • Transitions between views.
  • A new and advanced support system.

Just a glance at the virtual planetarium can re-acquaint you with relaxation and a state of wonderment. It is believed that everyone from sci-fi fans and hobby astronomers to children can develop a fascination for space and time through the latest update of this app.

So Guys, what are you still waiting for? It’s time to make the most of the advanced features of Cosmic Watch 2.0

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