Feel getting stalked? Disable WhatsApp’s Blue Ticks

Has he…has he not…Are you still waiting for the reply? Check if there are two blue ticks against your WhatsApp’s message to check if the recipient has read the message or not. This new feature is among the latest additions to the popular texting service which has been creating waves since its launch recently. Users are used to the single and double grey ticks which make sure that a message has been sent and delivered, but the newest feature has not gone down well with many. Many feel that it has blocked their way of ignoring unwanted friends and stackers. Facing the flack the mobile messaging service has allowed Android mobile users the chance to disable the service.

How to Deactivate the Service?

The WhatsApp version that has the disabling feature is yet to be rolled out for all users.  Currently, Android phone users need to install WhatsApp’s Android APK  version (2.11.444)  to enabling the disabling feature. After installation, you need to go to the privacy section and uncheck the option named ‘Read Receipts’ to deactivate the service. The feature will however not be applied in the case of group messages and if anyone in the group has not read the message the blue ticks will not appear. Once the service has been deactivated then you will not be able to see if your messages have been checked by the recipient either.

How it Works?

The new feature show if a message has been checked or not. If yes then two blue ticks appear next to it. The feature is applicable to groups as well. It is similar to the messenger feature on Facebook since WhatsApp is owned by none other than the social networking site. Earlier WhatsApp’s users could make out if a message has been sent and if it has been successfully delivered. The damage control measure, however, is not official for all users because the update is available in beta which means it is still not official. But the service provider has been prompt in offering a solution to the problem.

Keep a Tab of Your Friends:

WhatsApp allows the users to even check the time when the message was checked by pressing on a particular post for a little time. The changes have been rolled on to all variations like Nokia S40, Blackberry 10, Nokia S60, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. You will need to update the app on your device to be able to deactivate the service. Some, however, are happy with the method to keep the check on friends to see if the messages are getting checked or not while others feel it is a recipe to ruin friendships.

Addressing Customer Issues:

Many users have expressed concerns over why their messages have not been delivered or read. The service providers feel there can be a number of reasons why a message does not get delivered in which WhatsApp has no role to play. Network issues can be an answer or that people have switched off their phones or even that the phone may not be working properly.

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