Few Important Photography Tips To Make your Moments Special

The joy of finally receiving a new DSLR camera is immense. What happens to be the source of even greater happiness are those first basic captures. But to get the best out of the camera while getting into the act of capturing photographs and improving more and more with time, having results which gives out the ultimate sense of satisfaction, attaining to the aesthetic pleasure and having the power of creative control is every photographer’s dream. So lets discuss on Few Important Photography Tips below.

My Personal Experience in Short Described Below:

“I can tell you about my experience guys when I just borrowed a DSLR from my friend while we are going to “DEALTH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK” trip. I was completely novish in handling DSLR but trust me when I just started taking few snaps and after sometime I can able to figure out the measurement, angle and zooming.

I really got surprised that I have taken some “AMAZING” “MIND BOGGLING” shots that I could not even think about it.All that is required is some basic hacks and knowledge about the camera and some little exploration here and there to get the best desired results.”

Hence, here, I have listed few ways in which some best captures can be clicked by your camera.

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Go Manual

DSLR Cameras sure do come up with the options of some good automatic modes but to actually bring out the best of the Photographer in you, it is always advised to turn the on Manual Modes. Shooting with complete manual settings allows us to create a story of our own with the photographs we capture. It also brings out the finest aspects of photography by enabling the photographer to make the decisions and capturing a picture exactly how the photographer wants it to click.

Rule of Thirds

This is one of the most well known features of capturing a perfectly composed photograph. “Rule of thirds” is all about dividing your frame into thirds by two vertical and two horizontal lines and placing the subject or point of interest over any of the intersections of the grid for the perfect positioning of the same.

Frame It Out

Framing a photograph properly helps to draw attention to the primary subject. By framing a subject or scene correctly a viewer’s vision can be drawn to the primary focal point. Also, the technique of using frame within a frame adds lot of depth and context to a particular photograph.

Zoom Burst

One of the most fantastic ways to create some creative photographs is to try your hands in some burst shooting. To apply this effect, it is best to mount the camera in a tripod. Then the camera should be set to shutter-priority mode, denoted by S on the mode dial (or TV in Canon bodies) and the shutter speed should be set to the slow, something around 1/8th of a second. Set the ISO to 100 and the aperture will be selected by the camera itself so that it is the most appropriate for a perfect exposure. Now, zoom in or out or rotate your camera according to your choice while taking the photograph to create a burst in or out or blur effect.

Make a Bokeh

To capture some photographs that are abstract and aesthetic at the same time try adding a bokeh effect in your photographs. All that is needed to be done is defocusing the lens and playing with the out-of-focus points of lights. Set the camera to aperture-priority mode, denoted by A on the mode dial (or Av on Canon bodies) and zoom the lens to its longest focal length, for example, 55mm and set the aperture to the widest you can shoot with, for example f/5.6 and set the ISO to 1600. The shutter speed here will be set by the camera appropriately. Make sure to keep the focus on side of the lens flick to manual and turn the focus ring until everything looks blur through the viewfinder and try out different compositions.

Use the Weather in Photography

Various weather conditions can give some of the most amazing captures of all time. A capture of the morning sun rise or evening sun set appearing from the horizon of the sea or in between the trees can turn out be a beautiful photograph. The sun rays bursting out in the woodlands amidst the mist can be another aesthetic too. Use the aperture priority mode of the camera and set ISO to 100. Set the aperture to f/16 and compose the position of the sun in such a way so that it creates a sun star. Similarly, a rainy day or cloudy sky can also be good subjects of photography. Keep the shutter speed faster to capture the droplets of the rain. In fact, while shooting during rainy days it is recommended to keep the starting point of shutter speed as 1/250th of second. Along with the same, increase the aperture as well. The ideal ISO for this should be 1600 and higher. You can also enhance the magnification by adjusting the focal length to 50mm and higher and try out different lighting conditions to get different shades of pictures.

Go to the Garden

Nature photography has always been appreciated by a lot of people. And to get some lovely shots of the flora and fauna, a garden nearby or of your own can itself be a good place to click. A lone leaf over a rock, the dewdrops on the leaves, the frost from the winter, some frozen grass, beautiful little flowers, some simple fruits or even the birds and butterflies visiting the garden can all give out some beautiful photographs. Use the macro mode in your camera and get close to the subject to get some flawless close ups and completely blurry background.

Click Indoors

Not just the condition outdoors but one can get even get amazing captures indoors. Indoor portraits if captured correctly give out some amazing photographs. One or few people and a window giving out light from outside is all that is needed. Use the window as a large light source and place the subject according to preference. The window can even be used as background and the light coming from outside can be used as backlighting. Shooting mostly with the aperture priority mode and an aperture of f/5.6 with a higher ISO of around 3200 can give out good results. Image stabilisation option on the camera can also be turned on here.

Candid Photography

To be a good photographer one should always be camera ready. Capture casual moments which is not previously prepared or posed with a plan and click random candid moments instead. These kinds of photographs often turn out to be the simplest and purest form or depiction of emotions or personality.

So, Guys, I just wanna say that “Enjoy and Keep Clicking“.

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