Few important tools to recover deleted files

Being a human being makes sure that you are bound to make some weird and silly mistakes while working on a computer without proper knowledge and skill. We are here to provide you with the best possible for solutions for the files you have deleted, which you really need to recover. There are various ways to recover deleted files from your laptop or PC. But to do this, you need to know the exact file and folder from which the file has been deleted, or else recovering it will become impossible. There are tools that can also help you to recover files, music and movies, and various other data, along with a variety of hidden photos and files. This will surely prevent accidental loss of data.


Using free software for data and file recovery only works if you know and mention the correct pathway of the lost file. If not, then downloading and installing the software will be of no use whatsoever. Using such a software reduces all your chances of recovering your lost files permanently. If you want true and proper recovery of your accidentally deleted files, then it is advisable that you use paid programs for such endeavours. Such programs do not need any specific file paths. They will scan your entire system and list all the deleted and hidden files, from which you can choose and recover. Here, we will discuss some of the top tools that can help in accurate data recovery. Read on to find out more.

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Stellar Data Recovery Software


The market and the customers are always in search of software that makes data recovery a whole lot easier, and Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is exactly what the doctor ordered. This one single program has beaten all its competition in the data recovery market, and is now sitting on a majority market share, which is justified in probably every way. Although some minute features may have reduced its score on 5 point rating scale, the Stellar Phoenix is still the most efficient player in the data recovery market.
The time taken by Stellar to scan drive is a bit on the slower side, so having patience would be a good choice if you are looking for the Stellar efficiency in data recovery. All tests confirmed that the program worked much faster while scanning an SSD than when it scanned a MicroSD card. So, that is surely good news for all the SSD owners out there. Let us look at a few details:


The software has 3 categories:

The program also features smart options that make the entire recovery process a whole lot easier. A S.M.A.R.T. interface and imaging options help to diagnose the level of data loss a computer or a handheld device has suffered, which ultimately makes sure that you know what you are recovering.

File Scavenger

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This is perhaps the best software in the entire lot, at it has the capability to recover dead and corrupted folders and files as well from your computer or laptop’s drives. Let us look at a few details:
• The software costs around USD 49.00.
• It recovers, archives and extracts all data that was previously lost.
• The program is created by Quetek, and the company itself provides support for it.
• The software is capable of recovering data from not only hard drives, but also floppy disks and USB drives.
• Users can also use this program to recover RAIDS and ZIP Disks.

Recover My Files


This program is considered to be one of the best and the most popular data recovery software available for download. It is a widely used program for the purpose of folders and files recovery, as well as recovery of other lost data. This program can be downloaded for free, as no registration key is available for this.

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But some stores house the hard copy of this program at a reasonable price. Some details of this program are as follows:
• The price is around USD 65.00.
• No user has ever faced any issues while using this highly efficient program.
• This software can not only recover data on Windows, it can also be used on your MAC devices, but at an additional charge.


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This is also a member of the famous and accurate date recovery family, that provides perfect recovery options along with various other features of undeleting files.
• The software costs around USD 50.00.
• It is basically a free software, but you can always choose to register with USD 50.00 if you want all the features
• One problem with the free version that it shows the folders and files that have been deleted; no recovery options are available.
• For the purpose of recovery, you need a valid and genuine recovery key.

Disk Doctors


This paid software is the perfect option for all users who are in search of quick, efficient and accurate recovery of deleted files, corrupted folders, etc. The recovery is almost instantaneous.
• The cost of this program is around USD 59.00.
• The software has the capability to recover files from emptied Recycle Bin as well.
• Even if you format your drive and reinstall your OS, you will have the option to recover the deleted files.
• The program also provides partition recovery options.

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Recuva can be considered as the best free of cost data recovery software that can be used to recover any and every format of deleted folders and files, and even audio, video and image files. Free programs do not often provide all the necessary features, but this program does it all.
• The program can be downloaded for free from the official website.
• Compared to other free programs, this software and its features are simply heavenly.
• The user interface is quite easy to understand and definitely easy to use.

So, Guys I tried to collate few important tools that will really help to “recover deleted files” in a very easy and an efficient way, thereby, giving you comfort from having sleepless night with a nightmare of  deleting important data by any unforeseen reason.

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