How to filter emails with tracking pixels with Ugly Email

You may have never heard about certain companies such as Streak, Bananatag and Yesware, but these businesses know everything there is to know about you. They have all the data regarding when you opened an email from one of their clients to check it, what your exact location is, which device you are using to access the email, and whether or not you have clicked on any link, and that too without your knowledge or permission. This type of email tracking system is quite common nowadays. You can install a Google Chrome extension known as Ugly Email, which will tell you exactly which of these companies are tracking your email activity.

The creator of Ugly Email, Sonny Tulyaganov, commented that he got the inspiration to write this website script when he got to know about Streak, which is an email tracking system, from a friend. He also found out that Streak’s Chrome extension has more than 350000 users, which appalled him. He further commented that the extension allowed its users to track emails, and find every other detail about the device being used, the location of the device, and the time of use. This sort of hidden propaganda led him to come with the idea of Ugly Mail, which became a reality soon enough.

Ugly Email’s popularity comes from the fact that the tracking is transformed into an absolutely simple procedure. It’s just like phishing, only, the marketers add an image rather than a fake link, which gives them all the information they want on the person accessing the email. This sort of tracking is something you never gave consent to, hence, use Ugly Mail to stop such nonsensical snooping around. This very simple concept has made Ugly Mail one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions currently in existence.

There is another tracking method, known as Pixel tracking, which has been around for a long time, and is not considered to be illegal or immoral. Google has several help forums for people wanting to find out more about this sort of a tracking process. Even though it is not illegal, but still, the idea of someone tracking your email is simply appalling. Email is something very private, and you would want to keep it that way. But tracking it without your permission is simply wrong.

The use of Ugly Email is widespread, and quite easily actually. Once installed, the script filters emails containing tracking pixels sent by any of the companies mentioned above. You will see these emails in your inbox only, but with an icon of an eye added right beside the subject heading, which indicates that the mail contains tracking pixels and that the sender will be notified regarding when you accessed it and which device you used. The creator Tulyaganov confirmed that Ugly Mail will never store, transmit or save any data from mail account or your PC hard drive. This one single guarantee makes Ugly Email even more popular among users looking to filter monitored and tracked emails.

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