Finding and removing duplicate files from your PC

Duplicate files are the reason there are several problems occurring on our PC or desktop. These files occupy extra storage space, create confusion for your media manager or photo viewing apps, and are always an obstacle when it comes to searching for some files in an effective manner.  You don’t have to deal with these problematic them as a prerequisite to using a desktop or PC. There are ways by which you can get rid of these duplicate files with ease.

There are various reasons due to which duplicate files crop up. A file downloaded multiple times, a folder copied to another location and the original one not deleted – all these are reasons why duplicate files may show up on your computer system. However these files may pop up, these files are responsible for clogging up the space on your disk, and should be removed as soon as possible.

Let us now take a look at a software known as DupeGuru for the purpose of removing duplicate files. It is considered to be the best program for this purpose. You can use other programs like Duplicate Cleaner Free, Easy Duplicate Finder, etc for this purpose, but let us first look at the functions of DupeGuru.


After installing and downloading the DupeGuru program, you will see a fairly simple first screen. You need to tap on the plus icon for the purpose of choosing the folders which need to be scanned for duplicate files. You can even choose your entire hard disk and scan all files, folders and subfolders. After clicking on SCAN, DupeGuru will start doing its work.

You need to wait for a couple of minutes or more, depending on the number of folders and their size that you have selected for scanning. After the scan is over, you will get a potential list of duplicate files on your systems. You can tick the duplicate files individually, or select the MARK ALL option to select all duplicate files together. You will have the option of copying, deleting or moving these files to a different location for the purpose of going through later on.

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Now, looking at other programs, you can also look into the functionalities of Easy Duplicate Finder. It is a wonderful software, and is available free of charge. It can be downloaded on one PC and used on various other machines using a flash drive. The functionalities are almost similar to DupeGuru, with the SCAN option, and the selection and deletion options. The Easy Duplicate Finder program is quite old and portable, but extremely useful when it comes to finding and removing duplicate files from your system.

There are a few other programs with similar functions available on the internet. But going into details about these programs will take up another entire article. So we can end here by saying that duplicate files are not at all good for your computer system. They take up extra space without any reason and cause problems for you. You might have to delete or move some vital files just because you don’t know about these duplicate files occupying your system space.

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