Freeze the Fantastic Fireworks! Here’s How?

Sure the fireworks up in the sky in the very many occasions are a source of great delight! It is always a treat to watch them go higher up and burst into million little stars. But have you ever wondered how can you go beyond the days of celebrations and still enjoy the wonderful sight all throughout the year? Well if you have the camera, we have the techniques to share! Read on to how to get hands on at perfect firework photography or how to photograph or take pictures of fireworks? 

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Kit Set

Before starting off the journey to capture some amazing fireworks the first and foremost thing one needs to do is to keep the kit required for firework photography all set and completely ready! The SLR, DSLR or Mirrorless Camera and required lenses are the obvious choices but for this kind of photography, a tripod is surely a must.A steady camera is the key to some good firework captures. Besides, having a remote shutter release is also advised to keep the shutter open for as long as required without having to physically handle the camera and avoiding the chances of any jerk in the shots. One can even carry an extra stool or stepladder to mount the tripod to provide a greater height. A black piece of cardboard can be kept in the kit to use in front of the lens between the firework cracks to prevent blown out background. Also, carry a lens hood if you can. It is even good to carry a flashlight or head torch for better access of the camera settings and dials in the dark.

Proper “Place”– ment

The next important thing which people often fail to give much importance to is the selection of proper venue for firework shooting.  A proper setup is required before the shooting begins. A photographer should do some research and finally go to the location which is the most suitable for capturing the fireworks. A good vantage point always results in giving out good photographs. Different captures of fireworks along with some additional natural landscape or some other landmark can always be a plus. A good framing and setting with will make it the shots perfectly composed and make it stand out among others. It is also advised to reach the venue early with good amount of time in hand for the entire setup to be ready beforehand.

Setting it right

The camera and lens setting also plays the next big role in firework photography! With the external set up all ready, it is now time to venture into the internal settings. Firstly, the camera should be kept in complete manual mode during shooting fireworks for full flexibility and complete control over the camera. The focus should be changed to manual focus as well for successful focussing at the fireworks. Set the Aperture to something around f/8 to f/11 to get a good depth of field needed. Also do not forget to keep your camera in single shot mode. Keep the ISO setting pretty low at about 100 or 200. As far as, Shutter Speed is concerned, for firework shooting, the BULB mode is always preferable. If you camera does not provide it, anything round 1-4 seconds will do the needful. The White Balance can be selected as Auto but for other effects the different available modes can also be used. Change it according to your own preference by using the LCD to view options. The Noise Reduction, Vibration Reduction and Flash should be turned off during shooting.

Through the Lens

Besides the camera settings, one also needs to be careful about the lens. As we already know without a lens a camera is non-functional. Hence, much attention should be given to the choice of the lens too.For firework photography, a wide angle zoom lens works the best. With that kind of lens, the focal length can be set to the widest. The wide focal length will take the best shot, cover the entire display area and according to the requirement, a photographer can also zoom in further as the fireworks rise higher up. As mentioned earlier, the focus should be kept as manual and the focussing ring of the lens should be used to get the correct focus. Throughout the shooting remain as flexible as you can and try different focal lengths for different shots. A lens hood should be used to prevent any sidelight from coming in while shooting.

Be in the know

A sign of a good photographer is keeping your eyes and (even ears for that matter) open and aware! Know when to be ready a good shot.Be conscious about the fireworks shooting out and look out for them going up. Try capturing back to back shell bursts by zooming in but also be sure of not making it a cluster by incorporating too many shots at once. Be patient. You cannot expect to get success in one single shot. Click multiple images to get “the perfect” shot that you are waiting for.

Post Process It

Many a times, post production is also used for firework photography to make it even better. When processing the photo you can always crop out the areas that look unnecessary to give the picture an even finer look. The contrast can often be enhanced to make the surroundings darker so that fireworks appear to be even more vibrant. Combined shots can also be created to give out a dramatic effect. Try out different shots however you want to and create pictures according to our own satisfaction.

Guys,be flexible, capture, create and have fun with fireworks.

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