Get ready for a 360 degree view and a new photo app

Shutterbugs have a lot of reason to be smile with the announcement of a virtual reality system that helps to capture a 360 degree view and a new photo  app for picture storage. GoPro which manufactures action cameras and Google jointly have created the new system for taking photos and announced the news at a developer’s conference. Go Pro is immensely popular with enthusiasts of adventure sports because of the excellent quality video cameras that it produces and which are used widely for the purpose.

Using the Jump technology

It will be using Google’s newly developed Jump technology for the 16 camera selection which can take pictures in 360-degrees and create visuals like never before. Sharing photos is easy with this one and the VR (Virtual Reality) content can be created for anything from Google Cardboard or YouTube. As far as the hardware part is considered GoPro is a leader. Now by pairing with Google the software part has been strengthened equally. The product will initially be available to YouTube content creators for six months before being made available to the public. The set price is yet to be known.

Organize and post clicks

A new photo app is to be launched soon which will available on Google’s Android system, iPhone, and the web. The app is supposed to help shutterbugs organize and store unlimited number of images. Posting pictures on social media sites and messaging services becomes very easy with the help of this app. It automatically creates a collage of images and movies so that finding them is easy. It lets you create a link to a picture and later kill the link without deleting the picture. The app has an auto upload feature and has been developed from the photos app in Google + which helps in extracting every shot from the computer. There is no need to worry about organizing the photos and hunting them everywhere. Every single photo every clicked will make its way to the new storage app.

Unlimited storage capacity

The storage capacity is increased by the compression of images even though they remain of the same high quality. Photographers can buy additional storage space up to 1 terabyte which is chargeable. You can get the first 15 gigabytes for though. With this kind of capacity it can take on any social networking site many of which have nearly two billion uploads even though the resolutions are lowered.

Create awesome photos

An additional Auto Awesome feature makes you tweak images so that the best features are highlighted and the pictures look great. Crop them or change their angles to make them look good. You can create an animation series using the photos or a story about a place you recently visited.  A wide range of tools is being offered to fix photos that can be used across different platforms with the same kind of result. The app is very easy to use and unobtrusive. Moreover, the fact, that it can be use privately is a huge advantage for users in a digital age where everything is being shared and public.

Guys, lets grab this wonderful product and cherish every moment with your friend or beloved ones.

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