Get Ready for the World’s Most Energy Efficient MacBook

The all new 12-inch Apple Retina MacBook is here to sweep the global market! The 13.1 mm thin, slimmest and lightest (907g) Notebook  device bearing an exclusive keyboard, with even a gold trackpad is perhaps the future of Apple laptops.

Apple new MacBook comes in 3 different colors: Gold, Space Gray and Silver

  • Intel Core M Broadwell Processor To Take The Market Into Storms:
    • The latest MacBook have been designed with the fifth generation, Intel Core M Broadwell processor (1.1GHz & 1.2 dual-core Intel Core M processor [Turbo Boost can be done up to 2.4GHz] along with 4MB shared L3 cache), the first chip, manufactured with14 nanometre technology, ensuring a higher density and coherent performance.
  • Less Power, Lesser Heat Generation: No Fan Required:
    • Drawing as low as only 5 Watts power, the latest Intel Core M chip generates comparatively lesser heat than any other Macbooks being manufactured till date. As a result, there is no fan or heat pipe in the new device and as a level of protection, the logic board is carefully placed on top of a graphite sheet, for diffusing the extra heat into the sides. Moreover, the added efficient features like App Nap, Safari Power Saver and Timer Coalescing makes it sure, that no energy is being wasted!
  • Storage and Memory:
    • Despite possessing the tiny internal components, the latest Macbook bears the capacity to store 8GB memory coupled with 256GB or 512GB of flash storage memory.
  •  Innovation in the Battery Cell:
    • The 35 % more efficient battery cells, incorporated in the new Macbook endures 9 hours of browsing capacity and 10 hours of iTunes movie playback.
  • Comfortable Full Sized Keyboard: For Comforting Your Fingertips:
    • As soon as you lift the lid, the comfortable full sized keyboard with prominent white LED backlighting is sure to arrest your eyes. In the recent years, the keyboard buttons in the notebooks have been shrinking constantly, making it difficult for the hands to type comfortably.
    • In order to comply with the overall appearance of the Macbook, the whole keyboard has been made thinner with responsive typing so that one can type conveniently, along with the real feel of the keys.
  • Retina re-envisioned, For Better Display Capacity:
    • The bright, 12 inch re-envisioned Retina display with .88 millimetres is the thinnest Retina display available on Mac. The pixels are designed, aptly to allow more passage for a larger aperture, and more lights to pass within. With 304×1440 resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio, one can enjoy about 178°viewing angle, in the most energy efficient way.
  • Perform Different Tasks With Varying Pressure: Force Touch Trackpad and Taptic Engine:
    • Even though the Force Touch pad is aesthetically similar with any other trackpads, on the surface, it has been designed with unique sensory technologies to detect the amount of pressure you are putting in; the Taptic Engine makes it possible to deliver a clicking sensation, as you press a chosen point in the surface or move the trackpad according to your requirements. Even a slight difference, in the trackpad allows you to convey varying message to your device, and perform an array of actions on the same surface; thus the users feel that the Macbook has been customized according to your personal usages.
  • Pricing:
    • The new Apple Mackbook price differs depending on which storage you are choosing
          • $1299 – For 256 GB
          • $1599 – For 512 GB

 The Best Features of The 12-inch Apple Retina MacBook are:

  • Light Weight
  • Energy Efficient
  • Passive cooling
  • Retina Screen
  • Silent Operation
  • Dynamic Force Touch Track Pad and Taptic Engine

Considering the above all features, I think Apple will create a sensation among the laptop and notebook markets in the world.

So, guys don’t think much just go for it and bring home the revolutionary energy saving 12-inch Apple Retina MacBook today, and transform your overall work experience!

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