Guest Blogging Guidelines

Hi, Hope you are doing good! We see that you have found your way to this web page, so on behalf of the Gizmofacts, we would like to thank you and wish you all the very best for your future as a Content Creator, who will be one of the main proponents of Content Marketing.

Let us first understand what is Content Marketing?

Content marketing uses unique, relevant and updated content for marketing purposes, whose ultimate goal is to engage audiences and drive traffic for the brands. If done properly and correctly, can also cultivate a segment of customers that showcase loyalty towards your brand.

One of the segments of Content Marketing is Guest Blogging.

If you are one of those, then we at Content Marketing Institute cordially invite you to be a guest blogger for us. Still here, that means you truly are interested in the same. Well if that’s the case then you would like to know about our Guest Blogging guidelines.

Please read the guidelines below and click on this link to submit your blog:

  1. Make sure it is written with our audience in mind. Our audience consists of all ages who are really interested in technology, gaming, mobile apps reviews, gadget, software reviews along with “how-to-guides” and tutorials.
  2. Make sure that the content in the article is fresh and unique. You can also follow our other blogs from our website and make sure that the readers are able to derive something fresh and also, are encouraged to offer suggestions. The latter part of offering suggestions, a reader will only do if he/she finds your article engaging and it has the reader’s attention.
  3. You should also ensure that your article has facts and quotations and make sure you cite the original documents in your content. A pinch of data is always useful, as it helps it be perceived as authentic and intriguing.
  4. You should certainly make sure that the article you write is not plagiarised or prone to be susceptible to copyright violations. A tip for you is that you can always look up our blogs and doubly check whether an article or blog or any other piece of content has not been published. This will save your time, energy and efforts. In short, the readers viewing your article must always find a fresh angle associated with your content.
  5. You must, as a responsible creator and also out of respect for your profession, give credit to the other creator whose data point, quote, etc. you might have cited in your own article.
  6. To get more technical, please try to keep your introduction as neat and attractive as possible.
  7. Also, please try to be as concise, to the point in your choice of words so that your writing style can be seen as having a compact flair to it.
  8. Please, please, please, don’t write with the mindset of reaching the word count goal. Remember, your work is an extension of you, and is the identity with which your readers can remember you.
  9. It’s a good habit to write down the references at the bottom of the article, after the conclusion to disclose the links, sources as cited in
  10. One of the rookie mistakes, is that content writers promote themselves in their writing. We do not take this lightly, instead create a good author bio. That will give the interested readers can look you up.
  11. And last but not the least, please do not forget to credit third party sources.
Now, the part that you have been so eagerly waiting for, the link for you to submit your write has been provided here. Please make sure that the document is shared in the Word Document ( .doc) or a PDF ( .pdf) format. FInally, make sure they are completed drafts and not just pitches.