A Guide to protect your Google Account with a Security USB Key

Google has long been offering reliable support for the betterment of the two step verification process for many years now, and now they have come up with another great option so that you can prove your own identity effectively in case a security risk arises. You will now have the capacity to use a USB device to access your own Google account on your desktop or laptop via Google Chrome, which is an added security measure along with the account’s password. This has been named as Security Key by Google. If you use this Security Key, it means that you no one else can login to your account if you or the USB device is not present at that particular location, as the security measures dictate it to be so. A remote attacker will not be able to gain access into your account, and hence, you will be protected from all sorts of malicious attacks from hackers.

FIDO U2F Key - Image Credit:
FIDO U2F Key – Image Credit:

If you have a very old USB drive with you, then don’t think that you will be able to use this drive as your Google Security Key. The entire concept of this Security Key is based on the open Universal 2nd Factor or better known as U2F protocol technology, which is under the maintenance of the FIDO Alliance. This technology makes use of public key cryptography concepts for the purpose of creating a single and unique USB device which can be used to authenticate your identity on any Google product under your name. No remote attacker will have access to your personalized U2F USB drive, hence, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of security on the virtual world.

The U2F technology is not only used for Google. It is a true fact that Google has made arrangements to add proper support of the U2F technology in its very own two step verification concept. But as per reports, this support will be added to Google Chrome, so users using Chrome will be able to benefit from it. Any business firm that wants to benefit from this wonderfully secure mode of accessing emailing accounts can quite easily and confidently go for it. All that is needed is Google Chrome browser version 38 on the computer being used, as Google Chrome is considered to be the latest stable channel release for the U2F technology.

There is one downside to this security concept. It will not work without Google Chrome. No other browser can support this high functioning U2F security dongle, which means that you will have to rely upon app or SMS verification procedure for the purpose of receiving the one time to pass the two step verification process during the absence of Chrome on any system. Mobile devices like iOS and Android cannot benefit from this Security Key, as it is not supported. No user can make his or her own U2F Security key. There may be such prospects in the near future, but for now it has to designed by Google only. So keep your fingers crossed.

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