A Guide to Share your Dropbox folder with others

Dropbox uses- A teacher may want his or her students to submit all their homework every week on a regular basis. A director may want his or her designers to forward the design drafts and mock-ups for the purpose of reviewing them. A newspaper company or news channel may ask the readers and the audience to upload certain documents for the purpose of better news reporting. An organizer for various events may request the guests and attendees to upload any and every photo and video they have shot during the event.

Dropbox Sharing
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So, how to facilitate this uploading process in an easy, effective and efficient way? Email is a good option for this. People will be sending you mails containing attachments of all the files, and you will be able to download them using the given option of your email client on to your computer. But therein lies the problem. Number one is that you won’t be able to receive big files in your email inbox, and number two is that it will take you a lot of time to organize all the files you receive via mail.

Instead of going for the email option, it would be much simpler to create a certain public folder over the World Wide Web. This folder would be a place where each and every person can go and just upload all the files. This would be much easier than attaching each file one by one in mail. Students will be able to upload their homework, designers will be able to upload their design mock-ups, and friends can even share photographs of events or trips.

Allowing others to upload stuff on your Dropbox folder

The concept of sharing files as and when is something that has made Dropbox Requests quite popular. All your colleagues, your clients or strangers will be able to upload all files directly to a certain folder in the Dropbox account you have created quite quickly and quite easily. These users will not require a separate Dropbox account for themselves. When anyone uploads any new files to your folder, Dropbox will send you an instant notification via email. Your Dropbox folder can be used to upload files as big as 1 or 2 GBs, dependent upon the amount of space in your account. Google Drive does not have such a feature, but there are other ways of facilitating this same system with the help of Google Scripts.

So let’s take a look at the process of sharing your Dropbox folders with friends and colleagues. Read on to find out more.

  • Login to the Dropbox account you have created and create a brand new folder for the purpose of storing all those files that have been uploaded by your friends, colleagues and other users.
  • Extract the package file to get two separate files, known as DropBoxUploader.php and index.php. You need to open the index.php file in an HTML editor, or MS Notepad.
  • You need to go to the 48th line and input the username and password for your Dropbox account
  • After this, you need to go to the 71st line and input the shared folder’s name created by you in the first step.

Following this, you need to create a brand new directory on your website and upload the two extracted php files in that directory, and your work is done. You can now share the folder with anyone.

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