Here is how you can keep your DSLR Camera Lens Clean

With the growing popularity of photography among the masses, the number of DSLR camera owners or users has immensely soared over the past few years. Be it as a complete professional or as someone who just grows a passion for Photography, we see many people having a DSLR of their own these days.

But owning a DSLR camera is not only about its usage but also about handling it proper care and keeping it clean. The lens of the DSLR Cameras is like the windows of the images and if something goes wrong with the lens, the image quality terribly suffers. So DSLR camera lens cleaningperiodically should be a good practice.

Read on to know what are some of the ways with which you can keep the lens of your DSLRs clean and tidy..!!

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Make sure to invest in a Cleaning Kit: A cleaning kit mostly comprises of a Microfiber Cloth, A Blower Brush and some Lens Cleaning Fluid.

How and when to use the kit: If you have a Dusty Lens issue then it is the best idea to clean the lens first with a soft blower brush. Brush way the dust from the middle to the edges gently. Remove the dust from the edges by holding the camera upside down with the lens glass pointing to the ground and allow the dust to fall off. Do not wipe the lens with the dust on as it may lead to scratches. Make sure that the brush has soft bristles.

Probably the best method to clean a lens after the above is using the Microfiber Cloth made for cleaning the glass surface of the lens. Use the cloth by wiping gently from the middle of the lens using a circular motion towards the edges. It works really well for removing smudges and stains from the lens with or without the fluid.

If both the brush and microfiber cloth fails to clean a lens that is when you should use the Cleaning Fluid but only in a few drops. Never put the fluid directly on the lens but use it with the microfiber cloth. Start only with a few drops and increase the amount only if needed. Excessive amount can damage the lens.

Give importance to the Casing: Do not ignore the casing and regularly try to keep it clean else it will end up having grime, dust and grease destroying the lens.

Try using Plain Water: Plain water can be used to clean a lens but only in a pinch just by slightly dampening a piece of tissue paper. Never ever use any rough cloth, rough paper towel or excess water more than a tiny amount. Also, never use tissue with any lotion or fluid as it will end completely smearing the lens.

Use Filters: Buy some lens filters like the UV Filter to always protect a frontal part of your lens.

Along with the above mentioned method, make sure to always handle the camera with proper care in order to protect the lens and the entire camera as a whole. Keep Clicking!

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